Writings for Universal Peace 2018 2

March 12 2018
Because of a rootkit or trojan on my P C I'll have to do a clean install of Windows.

14 03 2018
Did a clean install, the S D card seemed to have been sabotaged and did not work for the second time. The previous time was after the Windows Creators Fall update which destroyed millions of peoples S S D hard disk drives which make it possible to work a lot faster with your P C.

My website universalpeace.jimdo.com was hacked or removed, no mail reaction from the owner of the website yet. It turned out you have to create a different type of account to bring your jimdo.com website back if its missing.
My Youtube channel Ulrich B.C. Hoffmann on Youtube was illegally censored because my channel contained over 964 videos I made over a period of about 10 years with evidence concerning the murder of my mother with directed energy weapons, my attempt to press charges of incitement to commit genocide against people with book quotes that prove they want to get rid of 93% of the worlds global population, the attempts to murder me with remotely controlled Hybrid Insects of Darpa, the doctors of the A M C hospital being accomplices to murder and a log of the directed energy weapon attacks with exact times and dates was removed. The E M P would have removed it all as well any way. My channel also contained info about the Jesuits third world war to depopulate earth to a more enslavable number and create their Third Reich, Neuordning A K A New World Order A K A Satanic Luciferian totalitarian Global Government.
Before that my hard disk was sabotaged so my main hard disk with the Windows O S on it and the most important stuff was sabotaged, my main blog page was removed and my Youtube channel removed.

Can anyone name me some prominent non Jews that want to depopulate the earth except for Prince Philip? I was wondering since many people claim 90% of the mainstream media is owned by Jewish people. Even if that's true that does not matter as long as these Jewish people are not involved in depopulating the earth and are the best at what they do. The reporters are not to blame for the people that want to depopulate the earth with book quotes that prove it only perhaps for failing to report about it especially if it effects millions of peoples lives.
Former C N N director Ted Turner is one so that means 2 prominent non Jews want to depopulate earth which proves you cannot trust anyone when it comes to this dispiccable act of population reduction, Jew or non Jew, black mulatto or white, gay or straight, it doesn't matter. Because it is illegal to reduce the worlds global population, killing one person is illegal already let alone getting rid of 7 billion humans (Google book quotes) it would be wise to make a list with quotes to be able to point our finger at those responsible and do not blame innocent people in these large groups. We are all the human race and we must unite against this evil, against all people that want to depopulate earth together expose them and prevent them from killing us all.

Thee Browny Smoothie (B S).

If we do not act we are acted upon.
Recovery begins with non compliance.
Depart from evil and do good.
Transform reactive into proactive behaviour.
Don't do it unless you can control the outcome.
Trust no one, nothing is what it seems.
Reversed active measures:
1) Moralisation.
2) Stabilization.
3) Generate an economic search.
4) Demilitarization.

To find out who is the dictator look at what is censored.
Time is energy, all is vibration (probably true because time travel is possible, it also has to do with gravity).
Control the factors that control aging.
Centralisation = power to the paedo.
Decentralisation = power to the people or peacefull.

They are programmed to hate the people that expose the truth about religion. Religion is an illusion to quote Sigmund Freud.
Religion is an abomination because it is based on the lie that there is something higher than the humans, the lie that there is an entity, all the wars fought in the name of religion, all the people tortured to death in the name of God and its association with paedophilia and incest.

Power to the Peepo's.

Is a time travelling neural network altering our reality and the way we perceive it?

Praise all who have prevented the nuclear weapons from being set off. Universal Peace Now!

If you're not very good in bed you may be very good in good.

Aging is our common enemy, death is our common enemy.

German envoy to Iran praises Holocaust denier
The Jerusalem Post-13 hours ago

President Trump Just Signaled The End Of The Nuclear Deal With Iran And Higher cancer Oil Prices
The replacement of Secretary of State Tillerson with Mike Pompeo is a sign that the conflict with Iran is coming to a head soon.

Pleasin' the world for more peace in the world instead of policing the world.

Korg Mono Poly. Yo.

On Pewtube I made 2 channels:
-= THE FUTURE =- (The_Future) of which I lost the login password and

Universal Peace TV (Universal_Peace_TV) to which I will upload my first broadcast that may be considdered to anti semitic to be uploaded to Youtube by some.
Exposing the 6 Jews and non Jews that want to depopulate the earth to impose a Satanic/Luciferian totalitarian global government upon the people of planet earth.
Against Trump's plan to spend a trillion on revising the nuclear weapons, against spending billions on another fake trip to Mars by the Nasa Freemasons and for spending that money on controlling the factors that control aging.

They have made sure that its very hard for people targetted with directed energy torture weapons to find another live stream provider that allows streaming with Open Broadcaster software.
It may be impossible to live stream with O B S using Pewtube and Dailymotion. If you know how to do it please contact me via Skype (prologic999) or make a comment to this video.

Many non Jews are involved in the illegal depopulation as well.
People are extorted with directed energy torture weapons and tricked with synthetic telepathy, the voice of God weapon.

The following video's where uploaded too and are playable on Pewtube yet on my channel only one of them is listed to the U R L for that video works and the video is playable it is not visible as an upload to my channel. Perhaps the uploads must be 720p, it was a 480p upload marked as not safe for work.
This is the U R L for the video:

They have so much control and so much programming probably it is possible to use it against these murderers, against the depopulators.

Tried uploading the same video in 720p format and again it does not appear on my channel but the video is playable.

The T4 nano bot eats parts of your brain selectively.
So, who cares?

Your upload Pewtube videos uploaded but not displayed on Pewtube channel 2018-03-16 is processing. Check back in a couple minutes.

Pewtube videos uploaded but not
displayed on Pewtube channel 2018-03-16

Writings for Universal Peace 2018 3

16 03 2018
Let's start streaming!
It may seem a little complicated at first, but we'll help you through the key steps.

Gina Haspel, longtime CIA official who ran the CIA's illegal and satanic torture program, is nominated by Trump to be C I A director, to head the agency.

Gina Haspel, longtime CIA official who ran the CIA's illegal and satanic torture program, is nominated by Trump to be C I A director, to head the agency.
She looks like a favourite aunt. But is 'Bloody Gina', the woman who could be the next CIA boss, up to her eyeballs in TORTURE?
Trump fires moderate Tillerson, appoints ultra-hawk Pompeo and names torture queen Haspel as CIA director

Your upload Gina Haspel longtime CIA official who ran the CIAs illegal and satanic torture program is nominated by Trump to be C I A director to head the agency2018-03-16 is processing. Check back in a couple minutes.

Gina Haspel longtime CIA official who ran the CIAs
illegal and satanic torture program is nominated by
Trump to be C I A director to head the agency2018-03-16

16 03 2018 14:06 Erected my new Youtube channel:
The The Future Channel on Youtube.

First live stream:
First The Future Channel Live Broadcast Mindcontrol Patent remotely altering brain waves

About shaping the future into what we want it to be, creating a perfect society in which maximum fulfillment will be bestowed upon every living organism and the factors that control aging are controlled. About preventing enslavement of humanity with the relatively new directed energy torture weapons and synthetic telepathy. Logging all directed energy weapon torture attacks that I am exposed to and preventing the imposition of a Satanic Luciferian totalitarian global government upon the people of planet earth. Preventing world war and creating Universal Peace. Exposing synthetic telepathy, all depopulation techniques, programs, projects and operations and people that must be exposed for the future of humanity.  Also covering so called "false flag attacks" censorship and new technology, cancer cell phones and more useful technology, the (fake) M S M news and anything else that is required to create THE FUTURE we all want.

Soon I hope to update my main blog: http://universalpeace.jimdo.com
My facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Shaping-The-Future-153988735253871/

Any possible violation of the Youtube policy will immediately be removed from my channel.

Youtube deserves credit for offering us the free hard disk space and it is logical they may remove peoples channels and video's if they want to for that reason.
Youtube also deserves credit for their policy concerning racist, homophobic and or anti semitic content so it is removed from Youtube for a better future.

I may remove (censor) any false accusations from the comments section if I can find the time if I deem it necessary. Usually I leave it on line so people can read and know what people really think about me and the subjects I cover.

Any evidence concerning the illegal depopulation of planet earth, illegal brain control with synthetic telepathy, illegal directed energy weapon torture and illegal censorship will be exposed on my new "The Future" Youtube channel for a better future for humanity as a whole.

People can always Skype me, my Skype name is prologic999.
So Skype me if you think you have a good idea for a better future that the world should know about, if you think I have told a lie so I can correct myself, if you would just like a normal conversation with someone, if you want to be a live caller in my broadcast for fun or to compliment or trash me, skype prologic 999.
Nudity, rasism, homophobia and anti semitic remarks will be censored by me and so will anything else that is in violation of the Youtube policy all to create the best future possible for the humans and all other organisms of planet earth.

Also if you have ideas about what their next false flag attack will be to prevent it and if you know the names of the directed energy weapon torturers, who is responsible, please contact me. To cure a disease we have to treat the cause and not just fight the symptoms with chemical cancer causing prescription drugs.

Join the Anti Global Government movement (A G G M).

Our strategy:
the 4 phases of reversed ideological subversion, reversed active measures:
1) Moralization
2) Stabilization
3) Generating an economic surge
4) Demilitarization

227 Words You Can't Say on YouTube. | MetaFilter
The YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement.

I was wondering if I am allowed to use the F word on youtube in the sense of making love and when something goes wrong (so not in the sense of stupid F). If you know please Skype or comment.

Super Chat This feature is not yet available in your channel's country. Learn more. Isn't this discrimination? Not that I want super chat but why is it not available to citizens of my country only?

News 16 03 2018
Britain's top diplomat accuses Putin of being behind Russian spy poisoning
Washington Post
Novichok (Russian:  "newcomer") is a series of nerve agents developed by the Soviet Union and Russia between 1971–1993. Russian scientists who developed the agents claim they are the most deadly nerve agents ever made, with some variants possibly five to eight times more potent than VX. They were designed as part of a Soviet program codenamed "FOLIANT". There are believed to be five Novichok variants that were weaponised for use by the military. The most versatile was A-232 (Novichok-5). Source: Wiki the C I A Vatican edited encyclopedia.
The existence of Novichok agents was admitted by Russian military industrial complex authorities when they brought a treason case against Mirzayanov. According to expert witness testimonies prepared for the KGB by three scientists, Novichok and other related chemical agents had indeed been produced and therefore the disclosure by Mirzayanov represented high treason.
British Prime Minister Theresa May said in Parliament: "Either this was a direct action by the Russian state against our country, or the Russian government lost control of its potentially catastrophically damaging nerve agent and allowed it to get into the hands of others." On 14 March 2018, the UK expelled 23 Russian diplomats after the Russian government refused to meet the UK's deadline of midnight on 13 March 2018 to give an explanation for the use of the substance.
Addressing the United Nations Security Council, Vassily Nebenzia, the Russian envoy to the UN, responded to the British allegations by denying that Russia had ever produced or researched the agents, stating: "No scientific research or development under the title novichok were carried out."

Stormy Daniels' lawyer: 6 more women claim sexual relationships with Trump

Perhaps I need to be Youtube police. Report all video's with homophobia, anti semitism and or racism to Youtube.

Be prepared with a radiological waterfilter and  storable food for the third Jesuit world war over Iran or their 2 state solution world war. Thanx for uploading. Is there anyone else that can produce Novichok? Perhaps Putin used Novichok before successfully (undetected) and he thought he could get away with it again. Putin is still responsible if the F S B did it. Exit Brexit or Nexit! George Soros's E U superstate (E U ruled from Brussels in stead of The Hague) is just an attempt to crash the E U and impose their Satanic Luciferian totalitarian global government, a stepping stone. The fourth generation warfare idiom is just to hide the Jesuits and Masons are behind all these attacks including the attack on the W T C. They are the only ones that could have pulled it off.
4th generation warfare, warfare's return to a decentralized form, is a part of the Satanic inversion, they want to make the opposite happen and to achieve it they pretend the opposite is happpening? Adolfo Nicholas is the leader of the Jesuits, a military order posing as a religious order. Religion is one of their important psychological warfare tools to play their enemies out against each other. I doubt if they are gonna do anything about this Novichok attack and that it will happen again. Its simply wrong to blame a whole country for something their leader is at least partially responsible for anyhow. Universal Peace Now! No blood for cancer oil.

Yummy yummy in your tummy. Novichok.

Time is energy. True or false and why? Please let me know in the comments.

Describing the poisoning as a major incident, Rowley said scientists had identified the substance used. He refused to reveal what the specific poison was.
So how did they identify the substance used? How could they possibly identify something that poisonous without being poisoned themselves? Hazmat suits?
How can people protect themselves?

After they lied to me I doubt everything the mainstream media writes you see?

British PM Theresa May: ‘Highly Likely’ Russia Behind Poisoning Of Ex-Spy |
NBC News 1.9K views4 days ago

Highly likely is not enough to base anything on is it?
Is this to prevent further investigations of the attack or to create a war between Russia and Great Brittain (which has left Europe by the way) in stead of the race war they cannot create?
The exposure probably prevents further Novichok attacks and could lead to the perpetrators being caught.
How can we identify this Novichok nerve agent when there are so many?
Accusing Russia is wrong and people who do that are wrong. They are ready to accuse a whole country for something 1 person they cannot identify is ultimately responsible for.
Its like claiming a longer shelf life of their killer vaccines is more important than the fact that the mercury in their killer vaccines causes brain neuron degeneration, it makes your brain disappear, literally! They find a longer shelf life more important than public health and safety because they are in on depopulating the earth in reality.

2 wrongs don't make a right.

Britain to expel 23 Russian diplomats over nerve gas attack
Fox News 4.3K views2 days ago

W T F do these diplomats have to do with the alledged Putin nerve gas attack?

Or was this nerve gas attack orchestrated in an attempt to undermine the Russian elections?
I do not believe in electronic voting.
M I 5/6 can definitely produce the same Novichok nerve agent because synthetic telepathy has been used since 1974 (Malech patent) and its clear the Russian version of the Concorde, the Tupulev, is still flying.

These things I write are based on what is written in the mainstream media, not on reality if the M S M is just making things up and they all repeat the same lies they are fed by Reuters or whatever.

You could argue the M S M is a form of mindcontrol, part of their psychological warfare like religion.

Bricks it.

If Trump wants to tax European cars we can tax American cars and we can all tax each other to death for the paedo elite. So what you waitin' for?

Wanna do a live broadcast on Youtube?
Talk about the future, global gov anything is allowed but no racism homophobia nor anti semitism, not accusing whole groups but pointing our finger at those truly responsible.

The username @ulrichbchoffmann has been created for Shaping The Future.
It's now easier for people to find your Page in search. People can also visit your Page at fb.me/ulrichbchoffmann and send your Page messages at m.me/ulrichbchoffmann.



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