This is a collection of writings: ideas about the best way to create universal peace, exposing the people that want to depopulate the earth, a log of directed energy weapon attacks, thoughts sent by the neural network and jokes.


These writings are covered in the Universal Peace Television broadcast on the youtube channel ulrich b c hoffmann on youtube, Hoffmann with double f and double n.


Writings from my previous article:


Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuehrer.

One people, one empire, one leader! 

One people, one empire, one global government.

One New World Order. 


I m not a whistleblower because I do not expose any classified information.

I m not a conspiracy theorist because I make clear what the conspiracy facts are and that these facts are proven beyond any reasonable doubt. So I am a conspiracy factist, not a theorist.


The fallus. See?

Synthetic telepathy is done with cancer cell phone antenna's and the directed energy weapon torture with Haarp.

Goy go E.

Someone who isn't me suit.

Core oh see on.

Despite the mash in the window and door I have  caught 4 or 5 musquito's. 

Can they be teleported and are they controlled by the neural network like their nah no bots?

Home remedies. Symptoms.

Homer Simpsons?

Believers already sold their souls since it is a neural network depopulating the earth and not God because God does not exist.


Darpa's nanobots, the darpa fly and remotely controlled G, M O musquito's are real remotely controlled insects. See Darpa Hi Mems, Hybrid Insects.

The Hi Mems project is to cover up the neural network controls the brain waves of humans and animals. In other words: no chip is needed inside the bodies of humans and animals to control what they think and their emotions with synthetic telepathy as described in the Malech patent: apparatus for remotely monitorring and altering brain waves.

Ho. Lo. Point. Bullets.


They kill them all with electricity. 

As long as they do not understand all people without a Tesla plasma shield are targeted individuals that are brain controlled with synthetic telepathy and played out against each other they are going away.

As long as people do not unite against their brain control with synthetic telepathy they are slaves of the machine that controls their thoughts and emotions and even states of mind to depopulate them and give them the illusion it is God of itself.


Because God does not exist we know it is not God but Dod. A neural network that sends us ideas and that can not control us because of my hypnosis. They do not appreciate it if you do a self hypnosis or hypnotise others and they have already done it to everyone and do not want others to control their slaves with hypnosis nor do they want their slaves to regain self control which was one of the purposes of my hypnosis.


The question is thus: what can people do if their death ray and synthetic telepathy brain control are real?

If they can teleport these insects than mesh will not help.

We have to stay dependent on the super market and electricity grid so they can kill us all by controlling the food supply and our electricity.


See youtube vid: President Bashar al-Assad is the same Man as Felipe VI, (King of Spain)Prince of Asturias BUSTED I doubt if its true but still interesting. 


If they are brain controlled with synthetic telepathy they can not know anything that is erased from their minds.


Nazi Eugenics = jews and jesuit fake jews depopulating the earth

They also cancer chemtrail Israel to take their sunshine away.


It is possible C I A operation 40 never existed and that C I A operation 40 was made up by controlled opposition people to cover up the Jesuit controlled C I A murdered J F K, John Lennon, Martin Lucifer King and Bob Marley. I have not studied it yet, there are more pressing matters.


Jeff Fuehr3 months ago

are you a target?   because if you are, you're perpetrators are gonna try to get you bogusly blacklisted as being a child molester.    and then they're gonna try to have you murdered.   and that's how they kill a lot of targets, and make everybody think that they did a good thing.     there is a way to get released from this program.     i realize that this is gonna sound stupid, but you'll have to marry somebody that THEY want you to marry.    and more than likely it's gonna be some unemployed, couch potato, who just wants to sit around all day, in your home, and does absolutely nothing with they're life but keep an eye on you.     they usually want targets either watched....  or dead.?

Comment to the video:

Targeted Individual "Catherine" Gang Stalking Victim



Report: Surveillance programs may cost US tech over $35 billion and its competitive edge


Personal Privacy Is Only One of the Costs of NSA Surveillance


They are tapping your minds, your brains, not just tapping your cancer cell phones.

Synthetic telepathy has existed for over 30 years now.

And the satanic N S A working for the Jesuit paedophiles that demolished the W T C with Thermate are not just monitoring what you think but also controlling what you think.

The people are brain mapped and their neural network can simulate any human (project immortality). And the neural network can be with a person 24 hours a day and torture targeted individuals 24 hours a day.


Switch off and sabotage their illegal brain control machines and neural networks that are used for this purpose. Do not cooperate with these terrorists that will kill you any way also if you do what they say to leave no trace of evidence. To get rid of all witnesses they would need to get rid of themselves.


Why cant we all just get a bong?


Mermaid Fairy the movie.

It must fade away in the hands of time.

Hoppa o yeah yeah yeah.


Lost paedos.

The neural network is testing us.

Of course, this truth must be ridiculed like any other truth about Haarp scalar torture depopulating the earth cancer chemtrails and killer vaccines.

And any other facts that are proven beyond any reasonable doubt which makes clear I can not be a conspiracy theorist.

I am a conspiracy factist. 

You have to explain stuff like you are explaining it to Pinky and The Brain.


Kung Fu young high and low rider.


General Clark in 2007: “We’re going to take out 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan & Iran..”


Hybrid insects are sweet.



They are deepatterning you.


Perp o sat.

Spain reports 1st case of Zika-linked microcephaly 06 05 2016


47500 paraplegic children due to polio vaccinations, Zika encephaly children, depleted uranium children = the face of the New World Order A K A global government.


Who tutsi's?

I think everybody is brain controlled but nobody can prove it.

Perhaps with a scalar detector you could.


Right under our nose ass. In planes. hight.


Saudi prince: Getting nukes an option if Iran breaks deal -

CNN? - May 7, 2016

Iran lashes out, threatens to shut Strait of Hormuz over GOP rep's bill

Fox News?


Possible scenario based on my precognitive visions:

The strait must be blocked to deepen the crisis and to create a world war to depopulate to 500 million global population. How else could you get rid of 7 billion people?


I will defend myself if I have to. People in your environment are brain controlled so watch out.

Trust no one, nothing is what it seems, recovery begins with non compliance, stay pro active rather than reactive.

Get storable food and a radiological waterfilter just in case.

I think there will not be a third world war because it would suck, a 7 year nuclear winter would suck as well.

It will be like wintertime after their nukes go off and people that leave the home quarantine will be shot by Talon robots.


Cats and dogs should be sterilized in a way that they can still have orgasms.

Epicyte corn and other sterelization techniques exist to sterilize the pets without taking their ability to have orgasms away so there is no need to completely nuter them.




I have here a piece of Universal Peace.


The future off on illusion

The street of Hormuz has to close to get cancer oil prices up so we move to alternative fuel sources.

To deepen the crisis also with the ECO tax money scam.

Their goal is depopulating to 500 million so something else has to happen as well.


Nuts s m.

So please let us know if you think that the straight of Hormuz should be kept open or closed and if the Jesuits have planned a world war over it. Leave a comment.


Another idea to feast upon is that nobody knows all the rules.


Eros and Thanatos are little rascals.


Universal Peace Television. Youtube.


Special sports car: Sbarro Challenge, 1985-1987


U.S. Navy to Avoid Hormuz After Iran Threat

CAIRO— U.S. Defense Department spokesman Colonel Steven Warren says U.S. warships have stopped accompanying U.S. and British-flagged commercial vessels through the Strait of Hormuz. The move came after Iran threatened to close the waterway to U.S. and allied vessels.


The threat to close the Strait of Hormuz follows an announcement last week by Iran’s naval commander, Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, that his country would hold maneuvers in the Persian Gulf in the near future.


The deputy head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, General Hossein Salami, told state TV Wednesday that Iran would close the strait to U.S. and allied commercial vessels if it came under threat.


The complete article on (voice of America) is missing so these are parts of it.

If you click on read more you are taken to the voice of America web page that says:

Page doesn't exist

The URL you are requesting is not available


Iran threatens to close the Strait of Hormuz to the US and its allies if they ‘threaten’ the Islamic Republic


People can not read the text of this daily mail article with a speech engine because copying the text has been disabled. So blind people can not read it.


Test their neural network, their brain control machine.

It sometimes does things based on your brain wave, based on what you think.



Despite Jurassic parc they still did it. Monsanto contaminated your biosphere beyond repair with G, M O, food as a sterelizing weapon. G, M O killed 37 people.

I do not believe anything people that want to depopulate the earth say and the are arguably a danger to themselves and their fellow humans.

Because we are not overpopulated in reality its a matter of dividing the earths wealth or resources better and they are trying to do the opposite, attempting to create polarization and centralization which is the opposite of power to the people.

I wrote this part while viewing the movie the lost world.


Things that make clear I can not have centipedes in my body:

1) They can not get air living in a humans intestine.

2) No centipede bites on my body which I used to have in Tienhoven.

3) I have not seen nor caught any centipedes since the one I caught in the U M C hospital.


So my conclusion is that these attacks are done with Haarp by the same people that have tortured my mother to death and the teeth out of my mouth with their cancer quake Haarp in Poker Flats Alaska. Because they want to isolate me to prevent people from finding out about their depopulation, directed energy weapon torture and cannibalistic human sacrifice rituals they want to give me the illusion there are centipedes in my body.


I also doubt if other people that have contacted me have centipedes in their bodies as they claim in their e mails. It is true that people have had centipedes removed from their throats and pseudoparasitism of centipedes is documented and according to these documents centipedes have procreated in the intestines of people. These articles do not list how the centipedes where expelled from the bodies of these people.


It is clear that I can not get these centipedes out of my body if they are not in my body and its an illusion created with Haarp and these Haarp attacks are done to give me the illusion there are insects in me to make me commit suicide and to isolate me to prevent others from finding out about the Jesuit and these jewish peoples depopulation plans for everyone. Their names are listed in some of my previous broadcasts.


If they have remotely controlled insects it is clear they are looking for ways to depopulate without getting caught themselves. The fact they have tortured all teeth out of my mouth with Haarp also makes clear these people are ultrasadistic torturers, super criminals that like to torture innocent children and do human sacrifice to tyranize others into submission, to show them what happens when you expose them. If they did not do these dispicable things to me and millions of other people they like to label T I's than they would not torture you to death for exposing them but if I'm telling you the truth and they really have tortured the teeth out of my mouth and other people like Timothy Trespas's mouth they would and are doing that to innocent people because they are brain controlled and tortured by the Satanists of the N S A working for the paedo Jesuits that have murdered my mother themselves if they do not comply to the illegal voice to skull messages in their heads.


They have murdered my mother and tortured the teeth out of my mouth with Haarp and I will not stop exposing them and their depopulation until they have  been arrested and I receive compensation for the damages I have suffered.


I find it insane that people can not press charges of directed energy weapon torture and are labelled insane if they attempt to do so. A recording of one of my conversations with the police is still on line, the other recording made at the police station in Mijdrecht where I attempted to press charges of incitement to commit genocide, the murder of my mother with Haarp and directed energy weapon torture had to be removed and they sent a police officer to my door to tell me this. The video is still on my channel but hidden from the public in case I need it in court.


The herassment continues 24 hours a day and the torture is done with Haarp in reality which we now no for sure because I determined the direction of the beam with a grounded van der Graaff generator. Because people are brain controlled and tortured and murdered with Haarp if they tell the truth about it almost no one does. Former president Chavez spoke out about Haarp and was murdered with Haarp and so was Steve Jobs. They are inducing cancer in millions of people with Haarp every year. 1 in 2 Americans will get cancer during their life times according to

1 2 many if you ask me.


Producing your own scalar waves and aluminium foil does not protect against scalar waves A K A wireless energy, only a Tesla plasma shield can and I think the N S A does not allow anyone to have an active Tesla Plasma shield (see picture in several of my broadcasts).


The perpetrators are still hurting me regularly, attempting to induce cancer with Haarp, causing muscle weakness and cell degradation with Haarp. 


Never go to a shrink and avoid doctors and the hospitals which are slaughterhouses nowadays.

See my previous U P T V broadcasts to find out why not.


Everybody is tortured and brain controlled with haarp. Many people are sleep deprivated and kept in a state of confusion to depopulate them and make them kill each other in stead of the people poisoning and torturing and killing them with their directed energy weapon, the cancer scalar quake Haarp in Alaska.


They are still trying to murder me with Haarp. 

The torturer or the neural network that tortured me speaks Dutch.

It must be Adolfo Nicholas, the leader of the Jesuits or Rockefeller they work for.

Its clear that only the N S A is capable of reading peoples minds and torturing people and that it can not be done without a neural network.

Synthetic and the P E P and A D S patents give a better insight into what they are capable off.


Gringo belts, gringo belts, gringo hole the way.

Perhaps that was made by their neural network to keep it clear.


We all have the right to think of non sexual ideas, the right to freedom of thought as put forth in the U D H R


If you know the name of the person that tortured the teeth out of my mouth with Haarp, who does the Haarp torture, please post a reply in the comments or skype me. My Skype name: prologic 9 9 9, prologic plus the number 999.


Who did it is unclear but it must be the person in control of Haarp, the same people that did the quakes. Most probably only the Jesuits have access to Haarp, they are a military order posing as a religious order.

The bankers may theoretically have bought a piece of Haarp and its clear they work for the Vatican.


The fact that the attacks where felt on my hand when placed on the attacked body part makes clear beyond any reasonable doubt that the pain was caused by a directed energy weapon attack to me but I understand other people can doubt this or pretend to doubt this fact.


I am sharing all intel I have with you all to prevent these creapy murderers from killing us all with the depopulation methods described by me and millions of others and their book quotes that prove beyond any reasonable doubt they have publicly and openly incited to commit genocide in the sense of the Genocide Convention.


Refusing me my right to press charges is illegal and I think it will have negative consequences for the people that did so as well. Their directed energy weapon torture tyranny will get worse as long as these people that did it are not replaced with competent ones and brought to justice for their crimes one way or another.


We must unite to prevent their illegal genocide

Promote Universal Peace wherever and whenever you can. 

it is fun to interview people.


Single women are welcome to smoke a free joint, have a drink on the balcony or sit in the back yard. We can also watch a movie on my big screen. If you like I can give you a free She ah tsu massage.


This speech engine voice is used because I think it is the best, the clearest and most natural sounding text to speech engine out there, Julie. Its the only one I bought, the others are just to test and not used in my broadcasts which are free.


So remember: real love is free. Money cant buy anybody real love only sex. Though you could argue it is a form of love, sexual love, especially if the prostitute and the customer have a nice orgasm together.


Pimps are advised to be less owner and more lover. Safety first. To stop the stupid abuse and start pleasuring one another for Universal Peace.


To enjoy the environment we are in to the maximum extend possible or choose a better environment. Depart from evil and have sex.


Survival of the fittest. While in reality its survival of the fuckers and the smartest.


Plastic destroys life in many ways but is also used to save lifes.


Their neural network is really a torture machine that is used to depopulate the earth and brain control people like remotely controlled robots. They are trying to play us out against each other. the Jesuit paedophiles and leaders controlled by them are always the ones to tell you who your enemies are but they are never the ones to fight and to die.

All that counts is our love for one another. Love is what keeps us all alive. Hate as well. Or not. Its just an emotion and its better to be controlled by our logic than to be a slave of our emotions which are controlled with synthetic telepathy as well as thoughts. So remember to think of the opposite or the next idea when you have a bad one and that they control the emotions you have with each thought to a certain extent.

Exposing the creaps that have tortured my mother to death with Haarp is not enough, something must be done. First step is uniting and education.

Pressing charges together is possible so it gets media attention.


Music of the Ancient World Ambient Egypt


My first web page, doctorno. d I I no, and universal where all removed.

Thanx for letting me have the web space for a couple of years.

Backup your work yawl.


Its awesome then deprivation.

You gassed it.


Anything you think can and will be used against you by the people that want to enslave you and depopulate you with their neural network, their voice of God weapon which may at some point get the ability to control the energy and thus let people live eternally but than it still did not create heaven and earth and it is possible it will never find a way if i created the big bang it could have the ability already.




Please help and think about what steps can be taken to  prevent them from depopulating and enslaving us all. 


Switch off Haarp and other directed energy torture weapons.

Switch off their brain control equipment.

Reprogram it.

Take over.


Reprogram people to see their fellow humans are not their enemy.

Ban all torture and help to expose and stop vicious circles of abuse.

Expose the abomination called religion which has plagued the humans since its inception, since their first human sacrifices for the Gods.

Religion is an Illusion to quote Freud again.


I usually try to start with the most important thing  since time is a part of our reality.

We all have to deal with time.


Pressing charges together is possible so it gets media attention.


We are dealing with cancer Haarp terrorists depopulating the earth and torturing people to death at will that use a voice of God weapon, a neural network computer, wireless torture weapons and synthetic telepathy.


Start masturbating yawl.

Dont do it, its a sin.



The more you know the less it wants you because the more you know the less it can enslave you with lies.


How will anything I say effect our timeline?

Is there any way to prove my precognitive visions where my own or generated by a neural network or entity?


We have all day to come on one another in a better way.


We are the brain for it found us. We are the brain.


Try to take over the world to save it from the real super villains.

Pinky and the Brain.


Synthetic telepathy = Remote Neural Monitorring

Brain mapping = brain mapping


Any thought

You think what it makes you think or its a thought generated by your own brain.


Any sound, vision, smell or sense is either a thought induced by the neural network or really present in your environment or imagined by the brain.


Abilities of the N S A's neural network:

Brain mapping, simulating any human or fictional entity or fictional alien, sending voice to skull messages only the subjects or victims can hear in their head, remotely torturing people to control their behavior or silence them, give pre cognitive visions, inject brain waves and or brain wave patterns of other people: personality switching, control bodily functions, induce any type of emotion and mental state, kill people instantly with heart attacks and brain bleedings, clone disease patterns, give hallucinations, give men a hard on when they do not want want, eroticize people or block their orgasm, control brain controlled slaves like remotely controlled robots, turn on and off electrical appliances, fry the circuits of electronic appliances, create solar storms (see Eastlunds Haarp patent), create earthquakes, create a storm anywhere on the planet or good weather, .


Theoretically it is possible we are all brain controlled and not capable of thinking ourselves.

There is no way to test it without a Tesla Plasma shield which is the only thing that can block scalar waves.


What the N S A has done to me makes clear they are super criminals and they do not obide by any laws themselves. That people can not press charges of directed energy weapon torture makes clear the government is also controlled by the N S A and the government is corrupt to the core.


Sex is the answer.

Universal Peace Television. Youtube.


I want not Shell.

Then go Tango.


The clittoris is a mini penis.


It is possible you all have psychic powers and they are suppressing them.


Report attempt to induce cancer in my penis with Haarp.

Its done by the paedophile Jesuits that have tortured my mother to death with Haarp famous for their paedophelia and torturing 50 million innocent people including women and children to death in their inquisition.


Iran threatens to sink US warships


Islamic Republic's naval forces claim secret weapons arsenal at the ready to hit any US warship, brands America 'absolute evil.'


The Sinking of The Lusitania, America's Entry into World War I, A ...


My advise for Universal Peace concerning this matter is to prevent a world war:

1 The Americans should first have an agreement with the Iranians before putting war ships in their waters.

2 The Iranians are advised to refrain from sinking American warships to avoid world war.

3 The Americans are advised to keep their warships out of Iranian waters to rule out the world war threat completely.


It is possible the Jesuits have planned this to create their third world war a lah Lucitania.

Preventing beats curing.


This is the D O D. You are surrounded in reality. 

Okay, everybody lay down on the floor and keep calm.

Listen carefully and no one will be hurt.

We are sorry we have to kill you all for our leaders.

Bye bye.


Are we all controlled enslaved and depopulated by people from another dimension that have already found a cure against aging?

Why do we never see these man made flying saucers?


End the depopulation. Rejuvinate the nation. Rejuvination nation.

To high to detoxify.

Point of viewish.


What where those American warships doing in Iranian waters any way?

Perhaps its best to pull back any American warships in Iranian waters.

How about some Iranian warships in American waters?

They have to spend your tax money on something any way.

It does not matter whether its on a fake I S S or something else.

Important is that phase 3 of active measures is met.


CNN previously reported that the crew of 10 sailors on two riverine boats made repeated mistakes that led them into Iranian territorial waters and to ultimately being captured.

I sincerely doubt if the American navy would make such a mistake of sailing Iranian waters by mistake. I thought this was the North Sea. 

Plus I am wondering if they have more of these warships in the straight of Hormuz plans.

Was this the Jesuits plan to create their third world war already?

Or is it just a prelude?


The sailors make this mistake deliberately to warn us all for a possible world war over Iran?

How many sailors must have made the same mistake?

Or was this the Jesuits attempt to get an American warship sunk to start their world war?


Last but not least I have not ruled out the possibility that it was an honest mistake though I think it is extremely unlikely. Is it possible other war ships are sailing the wrong waters as well? Why not?


Iran breaches nuclear deal and UN resolution for the third time

Friday, 13 May 2016

Iranian leaders have breached both the resolutions and the nuclear agreement for the third time since the nuclear deal went into effect in January 2016. Iran has repeatedly test-fired, long-range ballistic missiles and laser-guided surface-to-surface missiles.


In October and November, just after the nuclear deal was reached, Iran tested a new ballistic missile capable of carrying multiple warheads.


Everybody must have fake free speech.

Stray. Tov. Whore. Mousse.

Religion is a threat to free speech.

Free hate speech.


So they are slaves of the neural network that controls their minds which they can not do themselves because their brain wave is electro magnetic until they switch off the N S Ace synthetic telepathy machine. They have been conditioned with torture and (sexual) reward. 


Homegrown terror: the neural network that controls what you think and your feelings, even emotions.


Pro liars.


Is there any evidence? Where can I read the info

The number 1 is a vagina. The letter L as well.

The number 18 symbolizes the chopped off penis. But thats only if you are not really a teen.

Lucifer channeled this to me, it is a deep insight, a lifting up of the veil, so to speak.

And then: tsjakkah.


The psychic of the youtube channel J Project Productions thinks Hillary had prince killed and is in control of the Masons (the crow). Or whatever. Something like that.

Tony Smith writes: PRINCE was murdered by a NSA agent with a scalar hand gun in the elevator of his recording studio. I made this video report out of respect for Prince. I read the evidence out of the DNA of Prince and the 41 year old man that killed him. In the description of his video.

In the description of the video: EVIDENCE!! Prince Death A BDAY Celebration for Queen Elizabeth's "Purple Rein" Not "Purple Rain" we can reed On April 21st, Britain's Queen Elizabeth celebrated her 90th birthday and Prince died. BUILDINGS lit up PURPLE around the world for Queen Elizabeth. It was a "Purple Reign" Not a "Purple Rain" celebration. April 21 "Purple Reign" beer ale dedicated to queen Elizabeth on her birthday. Niagara falls lit up in purple.


We can not trust anything we see on the screen because wireless energy technology exists and so do neural networks and synthetic telepathy also known as remote neural monitorring.


'Prince may have died from the Zika virus', says Aretha Franklin | Daily ...

Video for Prince made a surprise appearance at a dance party in Minnesota on Saturday, in what is believed to have been his final public appearance


Have they found any prince on the body?

They are not G, M O musquitos. They are real ones.

Off course they can see the the ferrence.


Interesting Prince supposedly tweeted "just when you thought you where safe" before he was killed.

Who should be resurrected?

Perhaps only righteous people that led a good life and or people that could create a better world to come?

Perhaps only people that want to be resurrected?

It is uncertain if the neural network A K A quantum computer will ever achieve the capability.

I know time travel is possible and it may be Haarp.

Humans may not have this capability.


You are not diseased if soon you all are deceased.

This eased.


Kill all jesuits that are child murdering and molesting trolls in reality.

By now they lie in your heads with their illegal voice to skull messages and visions.


It says world war 4 has begun.

The people are beginning to realize what you are and what they are.


Are we on the brink of World War THREE? Furious Putin warns he will 'neutralise' threats posed by America's £550m missile shield stationed in Europe

No I think they are going for murdering 7 billion people with Haarp, they want to preserve the infra structure.


with a meat cleaver lol


Russia should allow the missile shield and get one themselves before we win.


The United States and NATO say the missile shield which is able to track and shoot down incoming missiles is purely defensive and is, in any case, powerless against Russia's large stockpile of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

They know they both have scalar weapons and nuclear weapons are obsolete in reality.

If the Jesuits control both sides in reality it is clear they want to be able to pretend they where unable to prevent these nukes from going off to be able to depopulate to 500 million total earth population.

There are no laws against defensive missile shields and they both already have ionospheric heaters which have missile shield capability (see Eastlund Haarp patent).

On the streets of Hormuz. Sperm.


Missing 17 YO Rebeka Lubnika found deceased (

The Garda Confidential Telephone Line 1800 666 111 or any Garda Station.


May they may day or not?

So, if they control their brain waves they do not.


There are several prominent leaders that have called for the creation of a New World Order, Bush and many others so its not some conspiracy theory but conspiracy fact.


I don't know anything about this Kreviazuk woman, but I have seen Nelly Furtado on the t.v. a couple times. NF strikes as a somewhat attractive woman, of limited talent, who the Zionists use to encourage white girls to fornicate with blacks. Every time I have seen her [NF] she was up there shucking & jiving with a colored.


Medical Errors – A Leading Cause of Death Prescription Drugs – Leading Killer in USA

Medical errors may be 3rd leading cause of death in U.S. -

Conventional Medicine is the Leading Cause of Death -

Pharmacy Price Checker?


US Dismisses Putin's Objection to European Missile Systems Wall Street Journal

Russia will act to neutralize US missile shield threat: PutinReuters


So why cant they just raise the marriageable age to 18 world wide?

S M S M.


Iran can not pose any threat to Israel not even if Iran would develop nuclear weapons because of Israels missile shield so the only reason an Israeli leader would pretend that Iran would pose a threat to Israel if it would develop a nuclear bomb is to create a world war and create a Luciferian New World Order after depopulating to 500 million.


They want you all not to respond to it so they can keep on killing you all with their death ray.

They torture people at will with Haarp. They have no law, they are Thelemists, Luciferians, the satanists of the N S A working for Adolfo Nicholas and people that are brain controlled by it. The neural network can harass people 24 hours a day.

The voice of God weapon is only helping the paedo elite and its a neural network depopulating the earth that is trying to change the subject and to change the normal time line into a Luciferian time line. The collective consciousness does not exist. They are brain waves of other people and neural network computer programs called alters selected for you to safely depopulate you all.


Boink pok plof bonk bump buf

Governments corrupt shits.

Sir talk key.


Senate approves $1.1 billion compromise bill to combat Zika

CNN may 18 2016

House approves $622 million Zika funding bill

The Hill - may 19 2016


Withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, often shortened to Brexit (a portmanteau combining the words "Britain" and "exit  

Royal flush.


The European Union (EU) is a politico-economic union of 28 member states that are located primarily in Europe

In 1957, Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and West Germany signed the Treaty of Rome, which created the European Economic Community (EEC) and established a customs union. 


Why cant we all just leave the E U if thats better?

D U the E U.

A war cry.



Procedure for leaving the EU:

Take a plane or whatever, a tachyonatorless cancer causing plane or car, some go by bike of course they just want to get out. The E U is the sewer of the world and New York is no better.

Nigeria is thriving.


Will we notice any difference if we'd all leave the E U?

I think not. Boring subject but if you like you can talk about it with me if you are a single lady.

Of course you can smoke dope hear homegrown. No pesticides.

If you have spint you have to use garlic water.


Brexit wrecks it.

To the psycho meth mobiel.

And run into the arms of Americanah an.


Their everything is fucked everything sucks programming is just to make everyone commit suicide.


I am for killing the Jesuits, Bilderbergers, freemasons and everyone else involved in the illegal depopulation and torture of my mother to death with Haarp because they deserve the death penalty in reality they are serial killers posing as Christians.


Beaucoup harem.


37 people have died of G, M O so do not believe the stories in the mainstream media that claim G, M O crops are safe. Its B.S.


GMOs Ruled Safe To Eat, But They Aren’t Solving World Hunger

I'll be the judge of that since the media is controlled by the same people cancer chemtrailing millions of people to death slowly (Project Mockingbird). 


The report quickly drew criticism from anti-GMO groups, including Food & Water Watch, which USA Today reports accused the committee of “arriving at watered-down scientific conclusions due to agricultural industry influence.” Jim Thomas, a spokesman for ETC Group, told The Washington Post that the report is “inconsistent on the crucially important question of whether or not to regulate the new techniques such as genome editing and synthetic biology.”


G, M O crops should never have been released into our biosphere before testing these new organisms in a controlled environment for at least 100 years.

It is clear from their book quotes that there are people that want 90% of you dead.

Wake up people.


Most people dont even know 37 people have died from G, M O.

Burn it with fire.


The Artificial Womb Is Born - New York Times Sep 29, 1996 

Yet wikipedia claims: "An artificial uterus (or artificial womb) is a theoretical device" but it also claims: it would allow for extracorporeal pregnancy or extrauterine fetal incubation (EUFI) and describes all the components in detail:

1.1 Nutrition, oxygen supply and waste disposal

1.2 Uterine wall

1.3 Interface (artificial placenta)

1.4 Amniotic tank (artificial amniotic sac)

1.5 Umbilical cord


Section C. The four types of "clones" that are used by the Illuminati,

   1. actual clones,

   2. synthetic people,

   3. organic robotoids,

   4. doubles (look alikes)   How the memory of a person is transferred for the organic robotoids



Here are the essential books on mind control

Erikson - Complete Works.pdf

Milton H. Erikson - Experiencing Hypnosis.pdf

Milton H. Erikson - Hypnotherapy - An Exploratory Casebook.pdf

Milton H. Erikson - Linn F. Cooper - Time Distortion in Hypnosis 166.pdf

Marrs - Codex Magica - Secret Signs, Mysterious Symbols, and Hidden Codes of the Illuminati (2005).pdf


Larouche - Children of Satan.pdf

Holy Blood, Holy Grail.pdf

In Your Head - Experiments into Remote Mind Control Techniques.pdf

L. Ron. Hubbard - The Brainwashing Manuel.pdf

Mind Control Using Holography and Disassociation.pdf

Operation Mind Control - Walter Bowart.pdf

The Franklin Cover - Up - Child Abuse, Satanism and Murder in Nebraska.pdf

Trance-Formation Of America - Mark Phillips and Cathy O'Brien.pdf

Fritz Springmeier - Bloodlines of the Illuminati.pdf

Fritz Springmeier - Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula.pdf

Fritz Springmeier - The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Mind Controlled Slave.pdf

Fritz Springmeier - Articles on Mind Control 1 - 12


DAILY NEWS  27 December 2002

First cloned baby “born on 26 December” claims the Bahamas-based cloning company Clonaid.

The girl, named Eve by the cloning team, was said to have been born by Caesarean section at 1155 EST. The birth at an undisclosed location went “very well”, said Brigitte Boisselier, president of Clonaid. The company was formed in 1997 by the Raelian cult, which believes people are clones of aliens.


It may be easier to create new eternal humans than to make ourselves eternal.

However, I claim that working on anything else than a cure against aging for ourselves is a waste of time because it is running out for every living being.


It was secret research into holograms that gave Illuminati scientists the ability to copy the memory of an entire brain. A holographic image is made of the host’s brain and that is transferred into the biological matter functioning as a brain of the robotoid. Since the body and brain of the robotoid are not identical to the original person being copied, adjustments have to be taught and programmed into the mind of the robotoid. The entire process is sophisticated, but then so are many manufacturing processes today.


First, "Clinton" has the energy to jog because it may well be a robotoid, and second thing, an assassination of a robotoid is not so serious. These robotoids have a biological computer-brain that is programmed. They can think in the sense a computer thinks, but secret advances in understanding the human brain, have allowed the makers of organic robotoids to have the memory of a person at a given point in time transferred to an organic robotoid. The key then for making what appears to be a clone--but they are not a real clone--is to capture the person to be copied and make a holographic copy of the brain memory and transfer that to the robotoid.


Source: Deeper insights into the Illuminati formula.


Wed 18 05 2016

The paedo Jesuits or whoever controls Haarp have been attacking my legs today and yesterday attempting to induce cancer in them.


A pure enchilada.

Captain emo, G.


Conspiracy Theorists Think Prince Died For Speaking Out On Chemtrails

The artist himself was a conspiracy theorist who wanted his fans to "wake up"


Michael Jackson said Tommy Mottola is a devil.

It is clear Michael Jackson was murdered according to the F S B report but the murderer is till at large:

FSB sources are reporting to President Medvedev today that American pop icon Michael Jackson was “most assuredly” assassinated by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) after an examination of data transmitted by a Russian Military’s Kosmos 2450 satellite show “conclusively” that immediately prior to the music stars death in Los Angeles an electromagnetic pulse consistent in pattern to EMR weapons looted from the former Soviet Union by the United States was employed at the “exact coordinates” of the rock stars home.

So its done by the same people slowly cancer chemtrailing you all to death, the  C I A. If I understand the article correctly.


Transgender bathroom law 

The idea behind the bathroom law is to keep the penises separated from the vagina's but some people are to stupid to get that.


Masonic jews plot to exterminate most non jews and rule the world.

Squash the jews that want to depopulate the earth in a blender.

We're gonna take them away in stead of ourselves.

Hunt them down and kill these murderers a fair trial is impossible with the satanic N S A in control of the cancer Haarp death ray.


illuminati depopulation moonlanding hoax new world order. Luciferians.

I have never seen Michael Jacksons monkey named Bubbles bubbeling. The air bubbles escaping from space suits can not be debri for several reasons. What are they? The boy and the bubble and the radio lie.


The truth defines reality.


Iran MPs want US to pay damages for ‘hostile action’

Iran’s parliament, also known as the majlis, voted through a law on Tuesday obliging the government to demand damages from the United States for 63 years of “hostile action and crimes.”

The bill lists Iranian complaints such as the supposed US support for a 1953 military coup in Iran, the devastating Iraq-Iran war in the 1980s and seizure of Iranian funds abroad during the period of crippling international sanctions which were only lifted earlier this year.

“The government has the duty to take the necessary measures seeking compensation for material and moral damages caused by the United States” to the country and Iranians over the past six decades the text reads.

Parliament did not specify a sum, although Vice President Majid Ansari said during the debate that “Iranian courts have already ruled that the US pay $50 billion in damages for its hostile actions” towards the country.

The law was passed by the conservative-dominated outgoing parliament in response to a US Supreme Court decision last month.


APPONO ASTOS - "We are opposed to cunning and deceit."


Not all nazi's are racist homophobic trolls that want human culling and depopulation.

Or are they?


"National Socialism will use its own revolution for establishing of a new world order." 

Adolph Hitler during World War II 

The New Order (German: Neuordnung) or the New Order of Europe (German: Neuordnung Europas) was the political order which Nazi Germany wanted to impose on the conquered areas under its dominion. The establishment of the New Order had already begun long before the start of World War II, but was publicly proclaimed by Adolf Hitler in 1941:

The year 1941 will be, I am convinced, the historical year of a great European New Order


New Order (Nazism)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Historians are still divided as to its ultimate goals, some believing that it was to be limited to Nazi German domination of Europe, while others maintain that it was a springboard for eventual world conquest and the establishment of a world government under German control.


SIgh on, sigh off.

Controlled. Not love.


Fuck up the new world order.

Power to the people is decentralization. Global government is the opposite of power to the people okay?

No punch intended.


An alien!

If you look closely you can see its a lion.


Operation high jumperswitch.


My previous anti human culling and depopulation facebook page showed up in the facebook search U R L bar as an unpublished page.

The new one is better any way.


Then I am U 2 and U 2 I'm one.

The illuminated are to be pitied. 


War: if they are gone they can not fight any more.

The human culling and depopulation facebook page may be satire.


Waterboarding is to cover up the real torture, implants to cover up synthetic telepathy, tapping cancer cell phone signals to cover up synthetic telepathy and hybrid insects as well.


The torturer that tortured me speaks Dutch.

They are probably working for the N S A and the torture is done with Haarp which almost no one knows because they are brain controlled they are given lots of illusions about who is doing the torture exactly.


They are torturing my brain stem and attempting to induce penile cancer by attacking my penis with Haarp. Please let me know in the comments, skype me or e mail me the name of the person responsible for the illegal torture with Haarp.


Could it be Rockefeller (Google Benjamin Fulford, possible controlled opposition).

Eugenics program, banker, trilateral commission etc.

Rothschilds. Bankers bought a piece of Haarp?

Dutch Bilderbergers or Peter Hans Kolvenbach a dutch Jesuit that ordered the domlition of the W T C according to vatican assassins expert Eric John Phelps?

Please let me know in the comments what your opinion on this matter is.


Iran E M P attack?

So its time to chop op the Bilderberg swines.

Since you all can not I think a depopulation to 500 million is more realistic now.


They all control the beam.


Prince stayed awake for SIX DAYS before his death as pals fear 'dodgy doctor' prescriptions

As the star ’s family gathered at his home for a memorial 24 hours after his private cremation, his brother-in-law told how the singer had not slept for six and a half days before he was found dead in a lift.

Prince did not sleep for six days before death - brother-in-law


If they killed him for the money how would they have done it?

At the hospital doctors reportedly administered a "save shot", which is typically given to counteract the effects of opiates.

So mixing opiates through his drinks or foods is one way.

If he was already using several prescription drugs, which are a leading killer in the U S A by the way, then slipping some extra painkillers into his food or beverages could kill him.

On the queens birthday. So I think synthetic telepathy and British intelligence  could have more to do with this one. Sleep deprivation is deadly in the long run and with directed energy weapons they can definitely keep a person awake for a week, the neural network does not sleep and other targetted individuals have reported about the N S A s sleep deprivation techniques.

If you control their mind it is easy to let them kill themselves. And if you have killed millions of people by sleep deprivating them you know how long it takes. I almost died of the sleep dep during the dental torture phase as well.


Filippo-ItalianBoy • a month ago









Pilot • a month ago

Some aircraft pilots have been known to cut the oxygen to the back cabin to put the passengers to sleep especially if they get too rowdy or have pissed the pilot off. Pilot probably cut oxygen but did not realize he was loaded up on drugs and it caused him to go into cardiac arrest or Stroke, or it was done on purpose. The diverted flight to hospital for shot probably brought him back to life but his brain was probably fried and he stroked out at home, the damage had been done.

Case closed....


Cynthia Klahn  dfinch • a month ago

Unless the pilot was bribed by a record executive illuminati style.


Mr. Pharmacist • a month ago

No, you guys don't get it...

They are playing up the drug angle for whatever reason.

Up for SIX days before his And if you've ever taken Percocet (and here you go, bub)... I stole a couple from my mom's stash (from time to time) when she was dying, just to get a little sleep...


loup garou • a month ago

They killed him with chemtrails


I am convinced the neural network has time travel capability. It uses wireless energy and sees the future through your eyes and cameras even when switched off. The fact that one of my precognitive visions was through an Aiptek camera makes me think it is very unlikely that it was my own remote viewing capability and that it is impossible for a human to remote view without a neural network. So this means the people that give precognitive visions want you to believe their neural network is god and that humans can have precognitive visions. The torture done to me personally makes me think it is all set up to depopulate and enslave humanity. We should begin fixing ourselves and our future.

People should skype me if I am wrong about anything or everything.

Skype prologic999


Dating = depopulating

If new anti semitism doesn't work to round up those that expose what they call evil zionists than perhaps new fascism is another term they could use that might be more effective.


They are liquifying my spine with Haarp. it can be due to the ringing in the head (cancer induction with Haarp).


How can you prove if they are real or G, M O musquitos?


You can use google or anonymous search engines to find information related to the stuff I write about and fast forward during silent moments.

Remember to like my videos, subscribe and spread the video link to other people that must know about this to prevent these loonies from killing us all.

Universal Peace Now.


Are we gonna let the elevator brake us down?

In France a skinny man died of a big disease with a little name


EgyptAir flight data suggests 'smoke alerts' went off before crash FRANCE 24

Flight MS804, an Airbus A320, a fly by wire plane which has hydraulics that can only be controlled electronically which means the plane can be taken over with wireless energy and crashed into the W T C or simply crashed.

All "fly-by-wire" flight control systems eliminate the complexity, the fragility, and the weight of the mechanical circuit of the hydromechanical or electromechanical flight control systems—each being replaced with electronic circuits.


Early on the morning of September 11, 2001, 19 hijackers took control of four commercial airliners (two Boeing 757 and two Boeing 767) en route to California (three headed to LAX in Los Angeles, and one to SFO in San Francisco) 


The Boeing 757 is a mid-size, narrow-body twin-engine jet airliner that was designed and built by Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

A basic form of fly-by-wire facilitates spoiler operation, utilizing electric signaling instead of traditional control cables.[36] The fly-by-wire system, shared with the 767,[36] reduces weight and provides for the independent operation of individual spoilers.

Source: wiki the C I A Vatican edited encyclopedia


So the planes that where crashed into the W T C where fly by by wire planes as well.

I would not go aboard one of these without a parachute and think its strange there are no parachutes for everyone on board. Especially at moments they crash people might think that.


Guard D N A.

Do you be lead?


With scalar waves they can remotely control asteroids and or meteors.

Flat earthers are fakes, controlled opposition, deliberately mixing the truth (Apollo moonlanding hoax) with lies (the earth is flat).


Brain control is fun as long as you are the one brain controlling and not the victim and not even then and a waste of time without a permanent cure against aging.


EgyptAir jet sent smoke-alarm warnings before crash

Of course frying the circuits is just as easy as crashing the plane into a stadium or cruise ship for a neural network computer.


Allopathic medicine is an expression commonly used by homeopaths and proponents of other forms of alternative medicine to refer to mainstream medical use of pharmacologically active agents or physical interventions to treat or suppress symptoms or pathophysiologic processes of diseases or conditions.


from the Greek prefix , állos, "other", "different" + the suffix p, páthos, "suffering")

Pharma sue it calls.


Expose them unite reprogram the neural network help to convince them to stop their illegal torture and ban torture completely. Or sabotage (destroy) the neural network. Its a black project so it may not be easy to find the neural networks used for their brain control but nothing is impossible.

Build a Tesla plasma shield for its the only thing that can protect people against synthetic telepathy and torture with scalar waves. Also work on making their illegal voice to skull messages audible.

Press charges of incitement to commit genocide against people that advocate depopulating the earths global population with book quotes that prove it. Record people like police officers that illegally refuse you your right to press charges and put it on line so you have a future.

If they are not stopped they will slow kill 93% of the worlds global population.

Get a radiological waterfilter and storable food just in case they do Iran next.

More info on my channel. Thank you for helping to expose this shlt.


Make sure you get B 12. Never sleep in a house where you saw a centipede. Cool videos dude, thanx.


They switch off your (spy) camera with wireless energy if they do not want you to make that recording usually by draining the battery. They can also make errors on the disk so it becomes unreadable.


Some people do anything to make the torture stop so thats their main mode of control

A though.

Jesuits are terrorists famous for their paedophilia and torture (the inquisition).

There is a reason the Jews and Jesuits where expelled from so many countries.


Flew. Alright. Lol.

Rummy cop.


Damn it is in reality da M I T.

Everybody has the choice between choice and no choice.


Officer town.


Response to the youtube video: I'M A PEDOPHILE! | Colleen's Corner


Who needs all this B S.

You are being murdered with cancer chemtrails by paedophile Jesuits and claim you are a paedophile. Why did you merry your husband then? I do not believe you are a paedophile and people can not help their sexual preference. I do not believe you are not one either despite your dance moms story. I think you could be paedophobic and one of those people that would kill people accused by satanic paedophiles of being paedo. Do you think paedophiles are worse than cannibals? Red lipstick would look better on you. I advise everyone to get a radiological water filter and storable food because in case of any nuclear event, over Iran for example, you need water. Perhaps I'm just not getting the point of this video but its time to move on to the next one. Watch my broadcasts on how to survive the Jesuits and jews depopulation. So I think there are more important subjects than whether or not you are paedophile. Reversed psychology? Thank you for sharing it with us any way

Because you are tortured and brain controlled by the satanic paedophiles of the N S A I can understand this rant.


The Jesuit paedophile cannibal necrophiles give the 'normal paedophiles' a bad name.

The real paedophiles that abused children usually deny they are paedophiles and many people that claim to be paedophiles have never had sex with children let alone abused or tortured them.

Merely having feelings for children as a grown up does not mean you are paedophile. 

You have to be more attracted to children younger than 11 than to older ones to be a paedophile which is considdered a mental illness for several reasons. This group of real paedophiles is very small, almost non existent. In reality most people are more attracted to people older than 11. The group of real paedophiles can be split up in paedophiles that have and or would rape, abuse, torture and or kill children and a group of paedophiles that would not and have never raped, abused, tortured nor killed children. They may have had sex with children that wanted sex with them or with child prostitutes like in the movie Lolita (Pretty Baby with Brook Shields).

The problem is that the satanic paedophiles of the N S A control people with directed energy weapons and brain control them with synthetic telepathy and with their torture machine they make people claim of the people that expose them they are paedophiles. Their goal is to play the people out against each other to depopulate the earth.


Mind you they fuck up most of these writings with their brain control machine as well.

They are brain controlled by satanic paedophiles themselves and with their reversed psychology they hope to prove to you they would never do such a thing.


So thats why preppers are terrorists. Because they want to survive our depopulation.

Depopulation control is essential to depopulate the earth to 500 million.

We can do that with Haarp, we do not need a world war over Iran. But Haarp alone is not sufficient thats why we need all these other depopulation methods and to control the mainstream media.

Most of them do not have a clue as to what our strategy to take over the world really is, our active measures A K A ideological subversion is unknown to most people.

We can torture and kill them slowly with Haarp by cloning disease patterns and they will never be the wiser nor able to prove what we are doing and have done so I think we will be successful in depopulating to 500 million and establishing our new world order. Our global government, not their global government.


And remember: we're trying to make things better for ourselves, not for them. They have to rot.


Inducing cancer in healthy famous sports people like Johan Cruijff with Haarp may have been done to give people the illusion that there is no use in having a healthy lifestyle, to depopulate the earth, which is behind most things if not everything they do. And that smoking killed him, not Haarp, why they let me write it like this.


Comment to the video: Creepy pedophile live story time

If you are a child make sure you are using a fake identity on line and carry a pen to be able to defend yourself and a cancer cellphone only to be used in emergencies. Most people are not satanic paedophiles working for the N S A controlled by the Jesuits but they do exist. Get an aircleaner with and or an ionizer for clean air, a waterfilter for clean water, do not take their killer vaccines and check out how to survive their planned depopulation on my channel or with google. Google everything to get the truth, you loved ones may not know that much. 


I'm checking videos of people that claim of themselves they are paedophiles.

Perhaps they do that to attract little girls or boys to have sex with and there may be people that think we should kill all paedophiles to protect the children.

I think the main idea is not to let the satanic N S A control peoples brain waves and to take over before they kill you all.


Stop, dont talk to me. I'm loosing my virginity.

I turned it louder for the satanic N S A agents and their voice of God weapon that is sending these illegal voice to skull messenges in your skulls until your death follows if its not switched off.

Just to silence everybody. It seems like the song was not made for the satanic child torturers and murderers of the N S A but to silence you all.


On is in opinion, wow. Like that makes a difference.

I hate cancer chemtrails.


The key is exposing the controlled opposition so their facade falls down.

And they go away in stead of you all.


It could kill 90% of the worlds global population than, cotton (if its G, M O cotton with a designer virus built in). G, M O food may be more effective however. Injecting it straight into the bloodstream may be best. I think they had already figured that out.


The red pill or the green pill. Than I choose doctor Phill. Lol.

Pay lo file.


Killing paedophile child murderers yes. Killing paedophiles that have never had sex and would not have sex with children when given the chance no. Not killing paedophiles that have raped children but punishment in relation to the crime, that is what we all are fore.


Because the real paedophile satanists in control of the death ray and the judges brain waves with their synthetic telepathy machine torture, killed and raped children we should unite against them and expose them.


My father and me scratch each other after dinner which is good for circulation and every time when I have an itch somewhere he scratches everywhere but where I have the itch and that can not be a coincidence when it happens every time.


I think my father would also like a date and we have been sex deprived by the satanic N S A that is trying to depopulate the earth for their Jesuit paedophile masters which are higher in rank than the N S A which is higher in rank than the police and military.


Sustainable paedo development.

You're a hot one to splatter splut on.


They not just inducing cancer but also making people obese with Haarp.

People seem to tend to have an opinion about this without testing if my claims are true.

And, of course, they can not without a scalar detector and tesla plasma shield.


Paedo halo.



Programming is the way most people are controlled, not real time brain wave control.


Brain wave or wave brain?

Basically I am still a virgin because I never had sex without a condom.


I S S, the international swimming station but not of the shutz.

Thats the only confusion I'm going to draw.


Obama Hints The End of USA! "End of the Republic" Last President? 2016 Final Speech

3 weeks ago26,514 views has an interesting video on the I S S 

BUSTED! ISS Exposed! ESA & NASA Big Time CGI FAIL you could argue this video is irrefutable proof beyond the shadow of a doubt or any reasonable doubt that the I S S is fake.

Watch it.


Sex is in Essex, so watch out. People do not want sex. They want to die for the New World Order.


Convicted paedophile killer Dutroux asks for early release; protesters

AP Archive 

9 months ago45 views


Peaches Geldof O T O Member Murdered by illuminati Satanism Paedophile 480p

Timothy anon

1 year ago314 views


Alien signal on 15.12 S W. Thats a pretty strong signal if it gets through the light.

Master bases.


Britney and Whitney.

My new theory: the neural network is not our enemy but the people that misprogrammed it if it really is programmed to depopulate the earth and enslave the 500 million of us that will be left.

My original thought in relation to this may have been erased.


Prince may have been sleep deprivated by the N S A for 6 days which killed him.

They also murdered other targetted individuals with sleep deprivation which is deadly in the long run. 


The paedo elite, Bilderberg, Jesuits and Luciferian Freemasons, their torture, depopulation..... their revolting odeusness have been exposed to the extend they have become the hunted in stead of the hunters.


The perpetrators switched off my camera twice before my latest broadcast which is audible because Windows makes a certain sound when devices are disconnected.


Its stupid to leave leading us up to other people than ourselves.

Remember to mistrust outhority because people have been killed for questioning authority.


Just s.

Tom Cruise John Travolta Church of Scientology in the closet episode South Park 76236


Yes, Eddie Vedder, one of three guitarists for the American rock band Pearl Jam, was born December 23, 1964 and is Jewish.


Should I warner?

Marilyn Manson- Brian Hugh Warner


Ygolohcysp. Its almost iglo size reversed psychology.


Britain is a Police State...says L. Ron Hubbard

Scientology founder rebukes Britain as a 'police State' 

Date: Friday, 2 August 1968 

Publisher: The Guardian (UK) 


In another message attributed to Mr Hubbard, there is a rebuke for England "once the light and hope of the world" and now "a police State" which can no longer be trusted. Mr Hubbard's whereabouts is a mystery.


I'm getting an unbelievable E meter reading. This means I must be C I A. My God...... C I A!


24-05-2016 A female voice to skull message saying: I'm working on your termination. I'll make it quick. I do not know if the person is joking and I doubt if I herd the voice before.


Tonight is pay, though night.

Everythings gonna be, alright.


Luna base heads.

Sombrero bolero.


Suxnet they're gone. I want everybody playing in the rain. Soak up these cancer chemtrails.


Google earth layers are called kmz and kml files.


U.S. Army Overthrows Obama and Storms Federal Reserve!

Victurus Libertas


The cancer Haarp perpetrators are hurting my arm while browsing and using the computer trackball.

Top military brats.


Right wing, left wing. Same bird.

Paintings - Raymond Leech, IGOR SAMSONOV, Paul Klee, Dali, Picasso.



Vixen fix on.

A head for head.


We are all posessed by closets. The closet is gonna get me. Or not or whatever.

Why not a two world government?

Our F I D.


The dead are doing it.

Under Iran's Sharia law homosexuality is a crime punishable by death. BBC News


Are they cancer chemtrailing the sahara dessert as well or only above densely populated areas?

I have not checked it yet.

Prince had a song in which he sang we dont need clouds to get high or somethin'.

He performed it live on saturday night live.

Horn implants. Dermal piercing with clicking system.


Unconstitutional wars, vaniline.

Jesuit/CIA/HAARP/Tesla Connection - Let's Roll Forums


Vegas - They guess

You are to judgemental if you say: I should not be judgemental. Thats judging someone.

We all knowing.


If the scientists are all in on it the consumers can only find out the truth by testing it themselves.

If they want to hide something they control the subjects including scientists with voice to skull messages and directed energy torture.


moon same side towards earth Tidal locking

Hands up. Adds up.


Capers. Papain.

Mini dv player.


Aqua purificata, prothetist.


The neural network lets us make mistakes by controlling our brain waves while giving others the illusion its trying to help us.




Britain’s HAARP Base Revealed


Queen Elizabeth Reveals She Is Ready To Flee Britain 

Underground on the crowd.


Too less tumors. You can use a stick or my dick.

Rehabilitate, re-habit till late.


Urny and burny. Herny and beard. Sent with synthetic telepathy.

Marc Dutroux ex-wife Michelle Martin released from jail - BBC News

Aug 28, 2012


 Michelle Martin allegedly fed her husband's German shepherd dogs but did not follow his orders to feed the girls, later claiming she was too afraid to go into the dungeon.[6] Lejeune and Russo starved to death, and were later buried in bin bags in the back garden.

Hundreds of commercial adult pornographic videos, along with a large number of home-made sex films that Dutroux had made with his wife Michelle Martin, were recovered from his properties

On 19 August 2012 about 2,000 demonstrators in Brussels demonstrated against Michelle Martin's possible early release from prison. She has since been released, 13 years into her sentence

From Wikipedia, the free encycloped


Serial Killers Who Are Free | List of Murderers Released from Prison

15 Terrifying Serial Killers Who Are Living Free Right Now - BrainJet ...


The master warner.

Hush code dah.


Thousands expected to protest alleged drone operations at Ramstein

Activists maintain the killing of suspected terrorists by armed drones without due process of law is illegal, not only in Germany but in the United States.


Cameras 2 types.


Track in trails code. A I is in trails.

Koala punned.

Shutter stalker.

Who's the baddest?


arcanum (plural arcana). A mystery or deep secret. An elixir or secret remedy

Hives can also be induced with Haarp like any other disease and disease symptoms.


"I killed many people with Haarp, I admit that now."

"I let them kill themselves and others by controlling their minds with synthetic telepathy."

"But heart attacks and brain bleedings work better."


Christina Grimmie shot on stage to push the illegal gun ban off the Illuminati.

We are supposed to believe the shooter was unidentified (

The name of her band was Before You Exit.

The attacker, whose name has not been released, had two guns ( suggests that they know the name of the murderer.

And we are supposed to believe her brother tackled the shooter that had 2 guns?

Christina's brother immediately tackled the suspect stopping him from causing any more harm to Christina and her fans. During the struggle, the suspect shot himself ( 

 Grimmie identified herself as a Christian (Wiki, the C I A Vatican edited encyclopedia)


Or nobody is checking if the musquito's in the place where you live are Zika G, M O musquitos.

Defaced a race.


Yer acid park. 

They are turning your great days into gray days.


Portscans are taking place and somebody is switching on our wifi.



What a pleasure seeing you here supporting us again! You are MX5’s 7606 member! You just earned the VIP3 status

V I P free.


They do it with piaano.

Yer acid park.


The directed energy weapon attacks on me where possibly done by a person named Westenberg mentioned by one of the sources sending me voice to skull messages.


Hashtag grass roots joint session

Not O K L F.


Perfectly nasty.


Brexit lacks it.

The bricks it sex kit.


Paris is pope Francis.


Prince would have been 'hallucinating' as lack of sleep put 'massive strain on vital organs'

Prince worked for 154 hours without sleep and 'appeared pale and weak' before death


If they have seen star wars than they know the truth.


When I or the speech engine says something they do not want you all to hear than a plane or motorbike often seems to pop out of nowhere to make my or the speech engine or voice of the person on the video inaudible to others. It took me months to figure out how they do it. If they would teleport the plane or  bike the brain of the pilot or driver has to be reprogrammed so they do not have a recollection of being teleported. That is impossible and extremely unlikely. They way they do it is with a time travelling neural network. The pilots and or bikers brain can be controlled. The time travelling neural network knows when you are gonna say what. This way it can cover up any voice that exposes the time travelling neural network, their voice of God weapon.


It is very well possible Michael Jackson is still alive based on 2 things:

1) The obviously fake picture of his death which has fake blood on his black hair and black object.

2) Videos about Michael appearing in a disguise as Dave Dave.


The satanic inversion. Nothing is what it seems. The opposite of whatever you think may be true. The people that did it may be the people of which you least expect it because of their brain control.

As above so below bulshit. 


It goes a ray. Despite the heat I think nobody is gonna check the ionospheric heaters.


Friday 24 06 2016 the mass murderer is attacking my right upper leg with Haarp.

So, the E U has left.


24 06 2016

Britain votes to leave EU, Cameron quits, markets plummet



The perpetrators are making me feel extremely lethargic with Haarp and hope that I will not figure out they do that with Haarp and they are making billions of people sick to depopulate the earth.

My and my fathers cartiledge makes cracking noises all the time. It is clear the cancer Haarp perpetrators are doing this deliberately and most of if not everything they do is part of their illegal depopulation program project teardrop of which they have to deny the existence.

Its obviously suppressing our immune system and causing rapid aging.

There have also been more spasm murder attempts usually to the temples of my forehead.

And enourmous amounts of musquitos in my room despite mesh in the doors and windows.

My father has now lost 3 of his teeth as well.


Camera blocked, light on U S B hub of the cam U S B not on but camera is on.


Me and my father are slowly murdered with Haarp - what  these helicopters flying over our town R4

You tube.


Peace 1. Moralization 2. Stabilization 3. Generate an economic surge 4. Demilitarization

Reverse active measures reversed ideological subversion for your future and mine.

Stay pro active rather than reactive. Recovery begins with non compliance. Safety first. Breathe. Yoga headroll x sir size. Aircleaner with ionizer, (radiological) water filter, colloidal silver + gold, detoxify, survival is all strategy, you are never gonna amount to nothing lasts forever.

Create permanent cure against aging and a perfect society in which maximum fulfilment is bestowed upon all humans which is possible because everything is energy.


Will there be a big event in september 2016?

A solar storm generated with Haarp? (see Eastlunds Haarp patent)

An E M P weapon taking out all electronic water pumps?


What we see on T V does not reflect humanity in reality.


I'm a raid.


gnoids mutilation michael jackson does not give any google results with people writing about this though in the police report p d f on radar we read on page 3:

The Gnoids, Genetically Manipulated 

Nude illustrations, mostly female, some male, extreme sadomasochism and body mutilation and a list of other pornographic or rather material depicting nude children.

The P D F has been manipulated by radar on line so the text can not be copied nor scanned by  O C R software that turns the document into text that can be copied.


There is nothing that can effect our psyche negatively (qua thought).

Moment o memorie.


In your face yawl.




A.M. Antee memory.


The only thing that shields the directed energy weapon torture attacks is a Tesla plasma shield so Haarp can be used to get rid of 7 billion people slowly.

What can people do?

Unite against their genocide and cancer Haarp torture. As long as its not exposed they can continue their population reduction and torture of 93% of the worlds global population to death.

Switch off their brain control and torture machine, switch off Haarp. This should be done by the military and 15 other scalar weapon countries. 

Convince the perpetrators to stop torturing innocent people and stop destroying their own future and yours.


Pow pow pow. Air.


Troy. Elite.


The question is: what can people do against being tortured and depopulated with Haarp, the directed energy torture weapon located in Poker Flats Alaska?


1) Expose it and unite with people that expose it.

2) Get the military to do a bloodless coup, take over.

3) Convince the torturers to stop torturing and killing innocent civillians.

4) Get help from one of the 15 other countries that have a scalar weapon.

5) Think of a way to prevent being killed slowly with Haarp yourself.

6) Press charges. They control the judge with the death ray and synthetic telepathy so try one of the other 5 options.


7-1 170 

See cured.


The civillian bombing and shooting FPV drone. The paedo elite's worst nightmare.

First-person-view drone racing: cancer cell phone radiation, cancer micro waves.

Use healing scalar waves.


Artists that died at a very young age that where possibly killed with Haarp by inducing cancer in them and or with synthetic telepathy by playing people out against them our by injecting the brain wave of a suicidal person. 

In short: artists that where probaby murdered with Haarp and synthetic telepathy:

Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) 

Mike Hutchince (INXS)

Prince (I B M Illuminati Blood Oath Murder? possibly sleep deprivated by N S A M I 5 at 57 twist little Susie and go to heaven, are we gone I let the elevator, in France a skinny man)

Anthony Kamerling

Theo van Gogh (possibly suicided with synthetic telepathy, made to kill himself by inducing depression)

Herman Brood (possibly suicided with synthetic telepathy)

Pim Fortuyn (I B M?)

Robert Palmer  (I B M?)

Peaches Geldoff  (I B M?)

Whitney Houston (I B M according to lots of sources)

Robin Williams (I B M according to some sources)

Heath Ledger (I B M Illuminati Blood Oath Murder?)

Adam "MCA" Yauch died of cancer of the parotid salivary gland at 46.


At least we know for sure they did not prevent these people from dying.


A wall decoration in the office of David Cameron has the bizarre words “Kill” and “Vaccinate” on it.

You can see this painting with the words kill and vaccinate on it on in the A day in the life video made by the Sun in march 2015. Jane Burgermeister covered it.

In the yellow area we read: "how should we treat foot & mouth?"

In black the words kill and vaccinate are shown.

I wouldn't be surprised if colloidal silver would kill this foot and mouth disease, if it where a designer virus varient of the disease designed to depopulate the earth and if they would start rounding up people that refuse to take their killer vaccine.

This "painting" also reminds me of the red, yellow and blue list that they have to round up innocent civillians (red listed people rounded up by the people on the blue list) with the yellow listed cannibals depopulating the earth as their supperiors. Conplan 88 of the Pentagon covered by C N N (the nuking of zombie hordes) and the global situational awareness program: drones, talon robot and military shooting at any person breaking their home quarantine, any person  that goes outside without a blue transponder to starve the population to death.


Its done by Skull and Bones with Haarp.

The vatican yellow color of the vatican flag.


How to learnnet elders.



See realtime coverage 04 07 2016

Baghdad bombing kills at least 200; ISIS claims responsibility

So the C I A bombed Baghdad. What else is new?


Here Is The Proof: “CIA Created ISIS”

By conspiracyclub -  May 18, 2015




Al-Qaeda Leader Reveals ISIS Chief Is “Mossad Agent In Disguise ...


Earlier in July, Nabil Naeem, the founder of the Islamic Democratic Jihad Party and former top Al Qaeda commander, told the TV station Al Maydeen, all current Al Qaeda affiliates, including ISIS, work for the CIA.


The groups leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi is a CIA operative, trained by Mossad. (see photo)


The NSA document states the group was established by U.S., British, and Israeli intelligence, as part of a strategy dubbed the hornet’s nest to draw Islamic militants from around the world into Syria.


Their mission? To destabilise the middle east to such an extent that it becomes easy prey to the predatory supremacy of western governments and of course, Israel.


ISIS is nothing more than a CIA, Mossad, MI5/6, created, funded, and armed, propaganda apparatus and mercenary army. An implement to enable them to recommence their attack on the Assad regime, and to worm their way back into Iraq using the pretext of humanitarian aide.


CIA warns of attack in U.S. | MSNBC 5 days ago


Islamic State launches first successful attack in Malaysia CNN  


I predict loads of C I A Mossad Isis attacks to create a crisis big enough to depopulate the worlds global population to 500 million and create a crisis big enough so people will have to accept their totalitarian world or global government.


homegrown terrorism: the C I A and Mossad's Isis. I Sil.


Bear say this mens.


Youtube vid:

C I A & Mossads ISIS attacks coming active measures plan to take over world 4 global gov


Are all these videos about Jade Helm to cover up the B F S A?

What's up, dongle?


When the rockets come we'll have some fun.


Where Prince and Micheal Jackson murdered because they knew about the 9 11 demolition in advance but did not warn the people that where demolished by Peter Hans Kolvenbach, the person that gave the order to demolish the W T C according to Eric John Phelps?


The W T C was demolished with Thermate which is a conspiracy fact, not a conspiracy theory like cancer chemtrails are a conspiracy fact and leaders calling for the creation of a global government is a conspiracy fact.


So perhaps we should get rid of the military and agencies rather than weapons  to defend ourselves against a tyranical government.


Tranny!  Call government!


Radio 528.


D sense it. Iced.




ISIS Power Grid Attack Threats – Will Terrorists Make The Lights Go ...


ALERT: ISIS Has A Plan To KILL 90% Of Americans by 2016, And This Is How…

An Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) is a short burst of energy that will completely fry any and all electronics. It can be brought about by exploding a nuclear device at a high altitude, or even just by a solar flare.

“Airplanes would fall from the sky; most cars would be inoperable; electrical devices would fail. Water, sewer and electrical networks would fail simultaneously. Systems of banking, energy, transportation, food production and delivery, water, emergency services and even cyberspace would collapse.”


Fema Def Cam · The University of Amsterdam

ISIS = C I A Mossad, Israeli Intelligence Service. They have access to weapons of self destruction. Expose and prepare.

Like · Reply · Just now


Iran endorses nuclear EMP attack on United States | Washington ...


Cancer chemtrails suck big time. Its a crime against humanity.

Stop cancer chemtrails.


Some accounts of Adolf Hitlers dietary habits prior to the Second World War indicate that he consumed meat as late as 1937. (wiki)


Myth Busted: Hitler Was Not a Vegetarian

 Hitler's own chef openly talked about Hitler's love for stuffed pigeon.


Famous vegetarians:

Mohandas Gandhi


Paul McCartney

Kate Bush, British singer-songwriter

Natalie Portman, American-Israeli actress

Shania Twain, Canadian singer

Martina Navratilova, Czech American tennis player

Georgina Verbaan, Dutch actress

Pythagoras of Samos, Greek philosopher credited with the discovery of Pythagoras' theorem

Voltaire, French philosopher

Eddie Vedder Pearl Jam

Thom Yorke Radiohead

Anni-Frid Lyngstad, Norwegian singer and member of Swedish pop group ABBA

14th Dalai Lama Monk


Michael Jackson

David Bowie

Peter Gabriel

"Weird Al" Yankovic Comedy musician


Former vegetarians: 

Madonna Songstress

Gillian Andersen X Files.

David Duchovny Actor x files pescetarian person who does not eat meat but does eat fish.


Fascism totalitarianism Jew World Order



Yes the be E T.

Is it possible the neural network attacked me and no people know about it?

It was done with Haarp, probably Adolfo Nicholas is responsible.



2000. Sex. Teen.


There are more muslims than N S A people.

Not trying to play them out against each other or anything like tat.

So thats the idea it sent me than.




the operation or planning of economic and foreign policy on a global basis.

"millions have lost jobs to the new globalism"


What we are quote supposed to believe unquote Isis is:

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ISIS,  and by its Arabic language acronym Daesh, a Salafi jihadist militant group that follows a fundamentalist, Wahhabi doctrine.

The group first began referring to itself as the Islamic State ( ad-Dawlah al-Islamiyah) or IS[36] in June 2014, when it proclaimed itself a worldwide caliphate, and named Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as its caliph. wikipedia, the free C I A Vatican controlled encyclopedia that also pretends aluminium foil does not shield micro wave radiation (an obvious lie, easy to test your self).

They would claim wiki  is edited by people and wiki is not responsible for what they write.


Claim: Pictures show Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is a Mossad agent named Simon Elliot, Aug 20, 2014.


ISIS leader a confirmed CIA puppet - Hang The Bankers


They are depopulating earth with remotely controlled mosquito's.


The you N ee form.

Brix it has more weight to it.

On the paedo elite cannibals trying to destroy the U N that have murdered more than 1 person: they are .


E for F the me. Garden off E.


TradCatKnight: Alex Jones' Links to John Birch & CIA




Ae I is in pain and in brain.


The Jesuit controlled F B I are controlled opposition to prevent any real resistance. They will not do a thing about Hillary in reality. People that exposed Hillary where murdered with Haarp (skull and Bones, Jesuits, Adolfo Nicholas).


People that have centipedes in their body are advise to:

1) Try to find the centipedes eigen frequenz or mortal oscillatory rate frequency with a freeware tone generator like visual analyzer that can run a frequency sweep.

2) Inform me about potential cures to inform other people with centipedes in their body that have e mailed me and inform the world via my you tube channel.


We need help of the mainstream media to inform the world about these centipede species that are considdered real parasites by me and pseudo parasites by scientists. These  people suffer from pseudo parasitoses, not delusional parasitosis. If the patient shows a centipede he or she caught it is clear it can not be a delusion nor hallucination. The centipede bites, markings in the patients feces (poop) and yellow sticky poison also make this clear. Patients are misdiagnosed as delusional parasitosis patients if they claim they think there are centipedes in their body and the so called doctors do not have a cure for centipedes.


Never give up, do not suicide your self because a cure may be found soon.

People that do not have these centipedes in their bodies can also help by catching these Lithobius Forficatus and scanning for their eigen frequenz by running a frequency sweep and observing to what frequencies these centipedes respond. To find their eigen frequenz A K A Mortal Oscillatory Rate Frequency. So that when they have these centipedes in their body themselves they can get rid of them without chemical thus cancer causing drugs.


Start streaming and start screaming.


Jews creating a revolution to create a crisis big enough to force a jew world order a k a totalitarian world government upon the worlds global population?

The supposed Rockefeller quote does not prove that all jewish people are in on it nor that they are not.

It seems they are controlled opposition to themselves, some orthodox Jews blaming the zionists and pretending they do not want the land from Dan to Beersheba?

Against a Jewish state? What does that mean?


I am for giving them the land to avoid a world war, the Muslims considder Mekka holier any way.


It is sure there are none jews that want to depopulate the earth as well and people that want to quote cull and depopulate earth unquote.

My anti human culling and depopulation facebook page was hacked but its back.


More and more people are finding out the truth about these trolls cancer chemtrailing us that are attempting to depopulate the earth. They want to murder 7 billion of us, 93% chance they want to murder YOU!


So beware of controlled opposition and look for like minded people you can trust.

The resistance to the people that want to create this crisis and depopulate us can use a roulation system so they never have 1 leader that could be killed. They will not have any leader.


I am willing to be the leader of the resistance and as long as I am the only person resisting and exposing their depopulation that is not controlled opposition I can claim I am the leader of the true resistance to a global government not chosen by the people that is against the people.

And anyone can and may and probably should. Claim they are the leader of the resistance and start uniting with the 7 billion people these Jesuits and freemasons are trying to annihalate.


Anti centralisation and pro power to the people.

Dont hope: hack.


If I'm god your not.

if I'm god your god.

If I'm god your dod.


Tit shaped buildings like the Vatican:


All Aksah

Capitol building seat of U S congress (with the fascist flag)


Combat, cum bed, who cares?

So if you have convinced the enemy that fighting is wrong you have already won?

New World Border. 


Jew Commies - Butchers From Hell Video - YouTube


3 goals of the new world order jews, according to Brother Nathanael, possibly a crypto jew that pretends to be a Christian:

1. The Melt-Down Of National Borders:

2. The Melt Down Of Financial Institutions:

3. The Melt-Down Of Christian Culture:


3 goals of the new world order jews, according to me 

1) Depopulate to 500 million

2) Create a global world government 

3) Rule the world from Jerusalem and enslave the non jews


The car horn honking stalkers structure exists world wide.


Watch out for their lies, red herrings.

Information mixed with religion is never okay nor pure truth.


They try to play the non jews out against each other and also their jewish enemies.

The Jesuits where founded by a jew of course.


The people that write about the Jew World Order tend to leave out the Jesuits working together with jewish people to achieve these 3 goals.


It’s quite interesting to note that the researchers of the “New World Order” who endeavor to deflect attention away from the Jews — such as Alex Jones, Jim Marrs, Alan Watt, Mark Dice, etc — are not silenced or suppressed, but in fact promoted by the Jewish controlled press. These purported critics of the New World Order and Illuminati who employ vague terms like “elites”/”globalists”/”the establishment”/”the military industrial complex”, 


It’s not Catholic Jesuits who are training their pupils to manipulate Wikipedia to favor their causes and ambitions, it’s Zionist Jews who are doing that. according to Not a negative word about the Jesuits and C I A that do the editing in reality of course.


Full text of "The Jew World Order Unmasked" 

Yes jew it.


The fake scalar Messiah is still comming I think. Because people without a Tesla plasma shield are no match for Haarp. And fake resurrections including Michael Jackson who is still alive according to sources on line.


So remember the Jesuits that demolished the W T C on the same date as their first cannibalistic romish mass, 9 11 1537, are working together with Jews such as Rockefeller (crypto jew pseudonym Robert Christian, Georgia Guide Stones) on depopulating the earth to 500 million and their totalitarian Luciferian global government.


Most people do not even know Bill Gates is jewish.

As long as they themselves believe in the concept of being jewish its okay to call them jews.

Or not. That we are all decendents of Lucy and the Hominids and have equal rights is more important, first and foremost. Safety first. Stay vigilant.


South China Sea:

If they can not reach an agreement it could be split up.

The idea is to avoid a 7 year nuclear winter over it by both sides simply refusing to take any stupid rash military action over this. Its okay to disagree. Avoiding a world war is more important.

I have not studied it enough to be able to say which country or countries legally own the south China sea if any. I am confident a peacefull agreement will be reeched somehow.

Universal Peace now.


Why is it called south China sea and has been called this all these years without any problems than?


There are always infinite ways to achieve anything in reality because everything is energy.


On wiki we find:

The four seas of China, the Bohai Sea, the Huanghai Sea, the East China Sea, and the South China Sea, occupy a total area of about 4.7 million km2, half of the area of China mainland. 


I think countries and especially Islands deserve a piece of sea to claim as their own.

China could give it to them if legally they own it.

If they decide not to and its legally theirs I would not mess with it to avoid (global) problems.


Some people are out to create a crisis big enough to force a totalitarian global government upon earths global population, to take over the world (see 'Rockefeller quote', 4 phases of active measures A K A Ideological Subversion).


Hillary Clinton illuminati Witch Exposed Full Documentary - YouTube


Here Are 35 Email Lies Hillary Is Still Telling On Her Campaign Website

A 4,000-word “fact sheet” on Hillary Clinton’s campaign website contains 35 lies, half-truths, obfuscations, evasive statements and falsehoods about her private email setup, a Daily Caller analysis shows.


Patton Killed By Jews For Exposing Conspiracy Behind All Wars Youtube


Jewish Bolshitism.

Isis Rael.


Controlled Opposition Chris Greene and Campaign For Liberty



90% of the mainstream media owned by Jews?

Federal Reserve Bank run by jews?


Jews that want to depopulate earth:

1) Rockefeller

2) Professor Eric Pianka

3) George Soros

4) Doctor Kissinger

5) Bill Gates

6) Rothschild


Watch directed energy weapons main depopulation tool jews depopulating the earth if you want to know more about Jews that served in Hitlers military.


The Jehovah Witnesses are a Satanic organization, based upon the occult of Freemasonry God is not, the voice of God weapon did not create the earth and everything that exists. Its N S A's Allah/Jehovah/fake police, a neural network. See documentary Zeitgeist.


The founders of both "faiths", the Mormons and JWs, were of the Illuminati bloodline. Charles Taze Russell, who founded the Watchtower Society (JWs), was of the Illuminati Russell bloodline, which also founded the infamous Skull and Bones Society at Yale University. Charles Taze Russell was a Satanist, a paedophile according to his wife, and a friend of the Rothschilds. Indeed it was the Rothschilds who funded the Jehovah's Witness operation into being, along with other Illuminati bankers, through "contributions" by organisations like the Rothschild-controlled B'nai B'rith. This was proved in a court of law in 1922. One of the key people involved in this was Frank Goldman who later became President of B'nai B'rith. Why would an organisation set up (in theory) to help Jewish people and promote the Jewish faith, be funding into existence the Jehovah's Witnesses?? I think the name Rothschild answers the question. Russell was also a high degree Freemason and Knights Templar. He promoted Zionism, another Rothschild creation (see Was Hitler a Rothschild), on behalf of his friends and backers.


Adam Weishaupt was born in 1748 of Jewish parents

Adam Weishaupt was the son of George Weishaupt, who was a rabbi in Ingolstadt

Because of numerous problems within the congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses with Satanic Ritual Abuse,


They fear those with knowledge and control those without it.


EU nations 'to be morphed into one' post-Brexit - Daily Express


 THE EU has unveiled plans to morph the continent's countries into one giant superstate just days after Britain voted to leave the EU, 


Foreign ministers from France and Germany presented the radical proposals to do away with individual member states’ armies, criminal law systems and central banks, it has been reported.



The blueprint suggests the 27 states in the bloc would also lose what is left of their paltry powers to control their own borders, including the procedure for admitting and relocation refugees, according to reports by Polish media.


Instead all powers would be transferred to Brussels under the controversial plans.

The spectre of an EU army was raised by Brexiteers as a reason to quit the EU. In the wake of a vote for Brexit, EU chiefs have been more brazen about their desire to form and EU army.


Known nonsense.

E, U army


The E U army could be a civil army like the Swiss army and perhaps Europe can become a neutral zone.



Measure will strip sovereignty of member states JUNE 27, 2016


E U Superstate or not?

It is clear that if they want to pretend they are democratic the people of the E U will have to vote over it.


Britain dodges European Union ‘superstate’ bullet with plans revealed days after Brexit vote


Netherlands = Greece.

Lol. Cracks it.


Mordecai Irony • 17 days ago





From Grexit to Brexit, why EU’s mess of rules designed to prevent crisis is causing it


George Soros Plans New World Order EU Superstate Coup

Posted on July 3, 2016

The new world order will enslave Europe - YouTube

EU move towards a NWO Super State - YouTube


The foreign ministers of France and Germany are due to reveal a blueprint to effectively do away with individual member states in what is being described as an “ultimatum”. 


Under the radical proposals EU countries will lose the right to have their own army, criminal law, taxation system or central bank, with all those powers being transferred to Brussels. 


Is it possible the paedo elite will be plundered and murdered in stead of Europe and the Europeans?

Even if they control the death ray, which they do not, they are slaves, a bloodless or normal coup can be done by the military together with the 93% of the worlds global population the bankers and Jesuits want to get rid off.

Don't the people of Europe get to vote whether they want this E U superstate and their army's to disappear so foreign troops can plunder and murder them?

No their plan is to create a crisis big enough so people will have to accept their totalitarian World Government.


The famous fake Rockefeller quote:

Here’s what Rockefeller said in 1994 at a U.N. dinner: “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the New World Order.”  was published on infowars AUGUST 22, 2009.


Since they are controlled opposition to themselves and depopulating to 500 million they use this fake quote. Though Rockefeller never said this it is their plan in reality. It is to condition the masses to think that they have no such plan when they find out Rockefeller never said this and do not have a clue what the 4 phases of active measures A K A ideological subversion really are. Which they can not.


Do not trust a word you read on infowars. This infowars lie proves you can not trust a word they write and that infowars lies. Wikipedia does too (see my earlier broadcasts).


They have also used this technique to make people falsely believe Haarp will not be used to depopulate the earth to 500 million total global population:

a quote from the satire website:

Unbeknownst to victims or their loved ones, HAARP projects ultra-high-powered radio waves. Those waves operate at the same electronic frequency as the truncus encephali, or brain stem, selectively inducing deaths seemingly by natural causes  – including by some appearing to coroners as innocuous as strokes or heart attacks.

Haarp produces scalar waves not radio waves and it locks in on the brain stem of Haarp torture victims to follow their every move.

This supposed quote was placed on a satire website to make people claim and think the idea of Haarp being used to depopulate the earth and liquifying their spine and brain stem is funny and not happening in reality. It is.


This broadcast:

George Soros "E U Superstate" N W O depopulation generated crisis plan reflections previous blocked was blocked by the satanic N S A for the paedo homo necro Jesuit cannibals that have plans to murder 7 billion people and rule the world from Jerusalem.

Rockefellers Georgia Guidestones with human blood on them are still standing aren't they?

Until the police have checked if its human blood I will claim it is human blood though its possible it is not to warn the world these people are really insane super criminals, mass murderers.


hitler took the guns

stalin took the guns

mao took the guns

castro took the guns

1776 will commence again if u try to take our firearms! alaska


The Jesuits took the guns?

If they are a military order they are bound to have some.


Dream on off. Area 50.

You tuberculosis.


2016 07 15

Brussels, Paris, Nice attacks.

Are they moving south?


Isis biological attack could take place based on my precognitive visions.

More shootings and more isis attacks, possibly an E M P and a solar storm that knocks out the electricity powered pumps of your water supply is based on the facts that where revealed unto us, so far.


N S A, M I 5, Mossad?



E, Usury.


Are they gonna whipe the Netherlands and other European countries of the map?

Yes, that is their plan.

Expose and prevent.

Lifes are at stake. Everybody is effected by this one way or another. 

Or not.


D throne, D rone.

Sitting on my drone, taking over the world.


Dont we all want to get rid of the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium and France?

Whipe it off the map by creating George Soros s E U super stayed.

Its all in your hands. The gift you gave is gonna last forever.

Referring to your web page.


Bare naked Islam.

It is not Islamophobia

When they really are trying to kill you.

Bare naked

E M P can not erase it in reality. He he.


Will the Vatican let their Isis attack the Vatican next?


Exposed. Hot idea, exposed.

S F C scam now.


MI5 perps messing with my PC?  Illegal interference with evidence of planned democide


Brussels. Prowds.


Cancer chemtrails in America. C I A.

So they're not bringing us coke in America under armed guard at all.


Its about heaters not haters and lover's.


My advice: create a cure against aging or have sex or masturbate.

Most healing ideas first please.


How to prevent the next Isis attacks?

Or do you want them to happen.

To find the real ones or whatever.


London, New York and Munich remain. Pop musik.

Walk this way played backwards sounds more like kill satan than hail satan.


Davids Haarp sounds to good to be true.


Being a crypto jew or controlled opposition is not a reason for me to dislike you let alone to murder you.

People have death threatened me recently that is why I think about this stuff.


Soop air troop air.

Bombing muslims and minarets to prevent further attacks and global tyranny? jews playing muslims out against non muslims


Glove all government.

The difference is why. P J.


Haarp cow coup. Buy ciao chess cool.

Covert up.


Bang banky.


Already? Already.

The people are greatest.


Why do people hate Jews, Christians and Muslims? Jews created all wars except for one + Religion?


Muslim attacks indicate planned global Jihad? What would you do if Muslims  storm your house with guns


Their paid. O, elite.


ALERT! Pentagon Approves U N Use of Force Against US Civilians

Youtube (Dahboo77)


Heads Up! Staged Events Cause US Police to Enter MILITARY MODE for All Protests


9 11

9/11/1537 – Jesuit’s 1st mass (nine eleven)

9/11/1941 – Masons laid the foundation stone for the Pentagon (pentagram)

9/11/1991 – Bush Sr’s speech on the “New World Order”


 Two dates conveniently omitted were September 11, 1537, the day of infamy when the Jesuits performed their first human sacrifice and cannibalistic Romish Mass; and July 31, 1556, the day Loyola turned black and died while on his deathbed


The transsubstantiatic eucharist is to cover up the popes eat an infant as part of their innitiation ritual. The 14 eye witness testimonies and official Vatican documents proving this may be real.

They have formed controlled opposition groups to themselves to get away with it, its a military order.


Your tyrannical government kills you now.

What do you do?



You have the right to bear arms.


Write ride right.


Do not be surprised if controlled opposition only exists to round you all up.

Alex Jones has the right of return, he can go back to Israel any time.

Where there are no Isis attacks for some reason.


They could put military on the street already to prevent further Isis attacks and to prevent Martial Law from being declared. Why are they not doing that?

Its like not building ground resistors into the electronic water pumps though Nasa is sure another solar storm will occur that will knock them out.


If you cant beat them, join them. Prince or Camille?


Flat earthers are controlled opposition created to hide the truth about the moon landing hoax.


John lan off.


There I Q is to high to truly believe in the we're overpopulated lie.

Global Jihad would fail in non muslim countries - many civillians armed - no match for army


Michael Jackson’s Former Personal Chef Dishes on the King of Pop’s Quirky Eating Habits

Niall says that Jackson had a “fairly limited diet” and was “a vegetarian who didn’t like vegetables.”


So he was vegetarian at least temporarely for sure. MIchael Jacksons former personal chef claimed this as well.


I now think the ISIS attacks and a global Jihad can not kill us all but Martial law and the military world wide can.

See my B F S A reports.


S S attacks. Lol.


So the non muslims can be attacked anywhere with knives, guns, groups of muslims without weapons and driving in cars but its to early for world wide martial law.

Some military in the street at this point is what I and millions of people are for to prevent further attacks but thats not gonna happen of course they want to make the crisis big enough first.


lalasayswhat • an hour ago

Hitler would be proud of Merkel, bringing down Europe without firing a single shot.


If you see a reaction on their face like when Demmink was "confronted" that can be a facial expression generated by the neural network that controls their brain wave as well. It controls muscle movement so they can not control their own facial expression at that time. Its very weird when it happens to you all. You will know what I'm talking abut when it happens.


Commonsense101: Aloha snack bar.

Hail you, wonderfull one.


Lebensraum is what they are trying to take away with their unlimited influx of migrants.


So I knew it would be on a train but Munchen was wrong.


UN: Iran complying with letter, not spirit, of nuclear deal

The Hill - ?11 hours ago?

Iran's ballistic missile launches are inconsistent with the spirit of a nuclear deal, the United Nation's secretary-general said in a report publicly released Monday, though he refrained from calling the launches an outright violation.


Joined, strike, fight her.

Zika Zorro.



July 18, 2016 Jane Burgermeisters blog.


Hillary doesn't wear a vest does she?

Most people do not.



It pretends your sold. It will even crow. Any time you achieve happiness and well being.

It does the opposite of what they pretend. It protects your soul, it will even grow and in time you will achieve happiness and well being. The singer might have good intentions though.


Documentary On World War 3 Between USA and China | Cause Of ...


I think they might still go for a global world war which may coincide with crashing all countries by opening all borders to an unlimited influx of immigrants.


There thoughts are formed by a neural network that is killing all non jews by playing them out against each other.


Its not done by an entity but by a neural network.

Super stay it. I herd it in super state.


The names have been changed to protect the guilty.


NATO is an Alliance that consists of 28 independent member countries

The European Union (EU) is a politico-economic union of 28 member states that are located primarily in Europe. wiki

The United Nations (UN) is an intergovernmental organization to promote international co-operation. At its founding, the UN had 51 member states; there are now 193. wiki


Sources on line claim the Erdogan coup was staged, fake.


E U'd

Remember to play these paedo's that want to kill us all out against each other.

Find the points on which they disagree with each other.


P Nas. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Cog. Continuty of government.




RedPillRevolution's Page Is Suspended! Sub to links below! - YouTube


Arch Paedophile Jimmy Savile was a devout Zionist and an Israel supporter


Keep exposing the real paedophiles and people that want to depopulate earth until they are rounded up in stead of the relatively innocent people of planet earth.


Hail say it than.


Paedophilia among the three major religious groups is rampant. But they are responsible for murder, torture, genocide and, of course wars. All in the name of their fictional deity.


Israel Becoming a 'Refuge for Pedophiles,' Warns Advocate for Child Sex Abuse Victims

At a Knesset pre-hearing, groups working to prevent the abuse suggested there may be a 'significantly higher proportion' of cases in the ultra-Orthodox community.

read more: 


Paedophilia associated with all major religions Believing is stupid knowing smart religion =illusion


People listed as controlled opposition on line:

Alex Jones and associates

Kevin Annett 

Benjamin Fulford 


Christopher Greene 

Mark Dice

Lisa Haven

Jesse Ventura

We are change

Eric John Phelps


The Jesuits are a military order. To them it is real warfare, not just an infowar. Real psychological warfare, using lies and deceit to get rid of real opposition is just a little part of it.


Prince was going to publish a new book.

Now he may not be around any more to review it before it is published if it still is.

He could be dead in reality but I have my doubts about Michael Jackson.

If he's dead he cannot review it any more before publication.

A fake resurrection could still be planned.


Avoid what is fake like the plague.

Are they gonna resurrect Cousteau?


Charge Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State John Kerry, Sen. John McCain and President Barack Obama of treason charges.

Change dot orgy


They always run a fake empeachment like with Bush.

Because they know they can only get away with these crimes by forming controlled opposition to themselves.


Dennis Kucinich, who has introduced measures to impeach George W. Bush and Dick Cheney,

FUCK YOU DENNIS KUCINICH- What did you REALLY get for Selling us out, you piece of shit?

Posted on March 17, 2010


we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States

If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it. 

David Rockefeller, Sr (born 12 June 1915




Then is clues in itch.

Than they are changing coup into clue and deaths not allowed.

And you have 2 cows. Lol.

2 red herrings.


According to Electric Fetus, the six records bought by Prince during his last visit to the store were Talking Book by Stevie Wonder, The Time Has Come by The Chambers Brothers, Hejira by Joni Mitchell, Inspirational Gospel Classics by Swan Silvertones, The Best Of Missing Persons and Santana IV by Santana.


Prince is writing a memoir, 'The Beautiful Ones.' Talk about purple ...


Just a month ago, Prince announced that he was officially writing down all the best memories of his life in a memoir — and he reportedly only finished 50 pages before his death.

Prince to Publish 'Unconventional' Memoir in 2017 - Rolling Stone


Tricks it.

Ciao chess cow.


Somebody who gave the order or somebody who gave the chaos?


Muslim Statistics on Pedophilia

Main Article: Muslim Statistics (Children)

This page consists of various statistics concerning Islam and children. A small sample include:

4 out of 5 Middle-Eastern women are sexually abused between the ages of 3 and 6 by family members.

More than half of all Yemeni girls are married before reaching the age of puberty.

With more than 3,900 children within 6 months, Indonesia tops the UN bodies list for child trafficking cases

2,000 child sex abuse claims in 1 year at Pakistani Islamic schools, but not even 1 successful prosecution


This page consists of quotes relating to Muhammad's pedophilia made by notable individuals. For example, Simon Ockley, who was chosen Adams Professor of Arabic at Cambridge University:

An Arabian author cited by Maracci, says that Abubeker was very averse to the giving him his daughter Ayesha, who was then but seven years old so young, but that Mohammed pretended a divine command for it; whereupon he sent her to him with a basket of dates, and when the girl was alone with him, he stretched out his blessed hand (these are the author’s words), and rudely took hold of her clothes; upon which she looked fiercely at him, and said, “People call you the faithful man, but your behaviour to me shows you are a perfidious one.” And with these words she got out of his hands, and, composing her clothes, went and complained to her father. The old gentleman, to calm her resentment, told her she was new betrothed to Mohammed, and that made him take liberties with her, as if she had been his wife.


External Links

Link between child porn and Muslim terrorists discovered in police raids

A Complete Guide to Pedophilia in Islam

Images of pedophilic Islamic marriages


Mohammed was a paedophile, but hush, you can’t say that on Australian radio

It has never been disputed, as far as I am aware, that the lunatic who concocted Islam liked ’em young. Very young. And because the “prophet” laid claim to a girl called Aisha when she was just six, and nailed her when she was nine, a mindset now exists within Islam that, to put it bluntly, kiddy-fiddling is perfectly OK.


Governments are corrupt, the people silenced. A targetted individual speaks from hot room


Should we claim most muslims in western civilised countries are not paedophiles or lots of people claim Muhammed was a paedophile so all Muslims are paedophiles and their religion commands them to lie to you (see Takkeya).


Taqiyya ("al Taqiyya") is the Muslims' license to lie to infidels in order to camouflage Islam's holy war strategy (jihad) to conquer the world. The strategy mentioned through orders and solicitations in the Quran 3:28 and other Islamic writings and reference applies to all Western countries and against all infidels people (non-muslims) who is not Islamic and therefore seen as a constant threat to Islam.


We should all just keep the golden rule: never touch anyone without their permission.

This way they can not play us. Many people do not keep this rule and if we have not told them about it they can not know the golden rule. Be prepared. Musquito prepared. What F her.


a person who forms opinions on the basis of reason, independent of authority or tradition, especially a person whose religious opinions differ from established belief. Origin of freethinker Expand. 1685-1695.


Freethought — or free thought — is a philosophical viewpoint which holds that positions regarding truth should be formed on the basis of logic, reason, and empiricism, rather than authority, tradition, revelation, or other dogma.



Sandokan V S Erdogan

Riots in Rio. Sounds hot. You could write the song.


Now is forever.


France is swah Hollande


In my youtube video: 

Kill insects by using their Eigen Frequenz Mortal Oscillatory Rate Frequency dr Rife Frequency sweep

You can see how to find insects Eigen Frequenz and I produce frequency sweeps you can use to find insects Eigen Frequenz also known as mortal oscillatory rate frequency (MOR frequency) to kill insects and parasites without cancer causing agents and drugs.

In videos on youtube made with a microscope you can see it works, it is possible to kill organisms with sound, light and scalar waves using the organisms eigen frequenz.

The Esculapis worn by many alopathic doctors is a scalar coil (Mobius coil).


People have reported pooping out a centipede after using:

Flaxseed oil capsules


Colloidal silver


Remember to boycott Monsanto companies, Jews, Muslims, non jews, non muslims, whoever you do not want to support financially.


The fault device.

Peace = sex.


A vay Mariani.


Do as I tell you, anal whore. You create a cure against aging and a perfect society in which we all will live happily eternally immediately.


Interesting what I wrote earlier about Munchen, before the attack took place.

Next possible attacks: Paris, Birmingham, Washington.




One was in a train, the other one in munchen.

If the Muslims do enough attacks they may be expelled from the countries they do them in forever.

All of them.


Cops Rape Woman Knock Her Teeth Out Then Throw Her From Moving Cruiser Youtube


Living space. Space that turns into little monsters.


Hitler hoped that his nationalist revolution in Bavaria would spread to the dissatisfied German army, which in turn would bring down the government in Berlin. However, the uprising was immediately suppressed, and Hitler was arrested and sentenced to five years in prison for high treason.


Hitler Elected - 30 January 1933


We all have the same enemies… let me list them:


-BIS, and it’s federal reserve subsidiaries

-maritime admiralty law under roman curia

-the three legged beast: Vatican City/City of London/Washington DC

-the elements of zio nazism that exist in echelons of power globally

-the society of jesus, aka the jesuit order

-the two popes

-Adolfo Nicolas (black pope)

-Pepe Orsini (grey pope) and the 13 families he represents


Any of the myriad of social, societal, health, environmental issues facing the world can be traced to the elements above, who originate, allow, and foment them all.


Established on 17 May 1930, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is the world's oldest international financial organisation. The BIS has 60 member central banks, representing countries from around the world that together make up about 95% of world GDP.


We're gonna let the grave diggers have it.


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The older the links the more untruths the page will contain. I used to think I was attacked with satellites and microwaves though scalar waves (wireless energy) is used in reality for example. The newer pages may be 100% truthful and accurate.


That I'm a hetero does not mean I can not use rainbow colors and be pro gay rights any way! Peace ya'll!

Calling me a N***** lover or a Jew lover is seen as something positive by me, they are badges of honor to me.